Fourth International Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) Competition-2021 commenced on: A. March 1, 2021 B. March 2, 2021✓ C. March 3, 2021 D. March 4, 2021 Who is the current China’s ambassador to Pakistan? (a) Yu-Fei Marine (b) Yao Jing ✓ (c) Zhang Baozhong (d) Zhang Yao Wan Who becomes first Pakistani Sikh to …


Scientific Instrunments with their Use

Scientific Instruments Use Altimeter An instrument used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes Ammeter Measures electric current Anemometer Used to measure the speed, direction and pressure of the wind. Audiometer Measures intensity of sound Barograph Continuous recording of atmospheric pressure Barometer Measures atmospheric pressure and conditions. Binoculars An optical instrument used for magnified view of distant …

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Secret Agencies of all Countries of World

Global Intelligence Agencies International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL North Atlantic Treaty Organization- NATO USA Intelligence Agencies of Homeland Security National Counter Intelligence Executive Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) National Security Agency (NSA) National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Australia/Oceania Australian Secret Intelligence Service Australian Secret …

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Earn Money Online

Earn Money By Hamza Technical Tv New Ways of Earning Money Online in Pakistan  The Benefits of Working Online Working online is known to be a lucrative field in Pakistan, and the majority of people across the world would like to make a living out of the opportunity. And this is the reason that many …

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Faucet Earning

Faucet Earning By Hamza Technical Tv  Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online Introduction Purchasing options is an easy way to make a guaranteed 2.5% daily rate! I’m already a certified Bitcoin Professional. In order to buy Bitcoin I made the investment. And after this I made a total of 5% daily on my investments! …

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What is Ttcoin Network 2021

What is Ttcoin Network 2021  What is TTcoin? TTcoin is a cryptocurrency of the future. It is the first cryptocurrency which does not have any one of its own, it is cross-chain currency. Some of the main advantages are that the transaction confirmation is fast, blockchain database is immutable, investment risk is low and price …

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Online Earning In Pakistan

Online Earning In Pakistan || Hamza Technical Tv How to Earn Money Online: 3 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Online Earn up to $45 In Ad Credit. Appear On Google Search. Sign Up Today. Promote Your Website. Only Pay For Results How to Earn Money Online Earn up to $45 In Ad Credit. Appear …

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Mountains and Plateaus Of The World

Plateaus situated in between plains and mountains are called (a) Intermontane plateaus (b) Continental plateaus (c) Piedmont plateaus   (Answer) (d) Peninsular plateaus Which is the longest mountain range in the world? (a) Himalayas (b) Andes   (Answer) (c) Rockies (d) Alps Margalla Hills in and around Islamabad is a branch of (a) Kara Koram Range (b) …

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Dams , Canals And Barrages

Suez canal was constructed in (a) 1867 (b) 1869    (Answer) (c) 1898 (d) 1875 Aswan Dam is in (a) Libya (b) Egypt    (Answer) (c) Suden (d) Tanisia Gota canal is a ship canal situated in (a) Italy (b) France (c) Sweden    (Answer) (d) USA Albert canal situated in Belgium was opened for …

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Oceans and Seas of the World

Which is the largest sea in the world? (a) South China Sea    (Answer) (b) Mediterranean Sea (c) Black Sea (d) Red Sea The deepest point in the ocean is (a) Mariana trench (Challanger deep)    (Answer) (b) Galathea deep (c) Bartholomew deep (d) Mindanao deep Which is the deepest ocean in the world? (a) …

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Rivers of the World

Blue Nile originates from lake tana of ethiopia white Nile originates from lake victoria. Blue and white Nile meet at and make longest river of the world. (a) Cairo (b) Khartoum   (Answer) (c) Wad Medani (d) Atbara The river Volga pours its water into the (a) Black Sea (6) Caspian Sea (Answer) (c) Baltic Sea …

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Antonyms Vol – 1

ANTONYMS Rabid (a) Decent (b) Fair (c) Rational (d) Pure (Answer) Radical (a) Uncompromising (b) Basic (Answer) (c) Thorough (d) Superficial Recede (a) Rush (b) Approach (c) Advance (Answer) (d) Forward Redolent (a) Pesticised (b) Yellowish (c) Sticky (d) Stinking (Answer) Relinquish (a) Withdraw (b) Assume (Answer) (c) Attack (d) Conquer Reprisal (a) Relief (d) …

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Antonyms Vol – 2

ANTONYMS Abdicate (a) Claim   (Answer) (b) Plunder (c) Snatch (d) Seize Acclamation (a) Denunciation   (Answer) (b) Suppression (d) Applause (c) Termination Accord (a) Solution (b) Act (c) Dissent   (Answer) (d) Concord Acquisitive (a) Miserly (b) Frugal (c) Simple (d) Austere   (Answer) Acquit (a) Confirm (b) Blame (c) Punish (d) Indict   …

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Antonyms Vol – 3

ABDICATE Seize Claim Plunder Snatch ACCLAMATION Denunciation Suppression Applause Termination BACCHANAL Sober Grave Caution Grave BALMY Hard Genuine Mild Fragrant ZEST Distaste Spurious Accuse Admonish TEDIOUS Lively Final Pleasant Waste TENTATIVE Final Impatient Lazy Urgent ZEAL Condemn Fraud Apathy Relieve ZANY Cautious Modesty Cunning Save WANE Prosper Expectation Pastoral Published

Prepositions Vol – 1

The players agreed to abide ______the refree’s decision (a) with (b) by   (Answer) (c) in (d) into Modern industry abounds______opportunities for young people with good scientific qualifications. (a) in   (Answer) (b) for (c) into (d) with A junior cashier has absconded_____ ten thousand rupees. (a) in (b) for (c) to (d) with   (Answer) The children …

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  To fly off the handle(a) To takeoff(b) To be indifferent(c) To dislocated) To lose one’s temper (Answer) To read between the lines(a). To concentrate(b) To read carefully(c) To suspect(d) To grasp the hidden meaning   (Answer) To blaze trail(a) To set on fire(b) To be annoyed(c) To vehemently oppose(d) To inititate work in a movement   …

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To see eye to eye with (a)To agree  (Answer)(b) To stare fixedly(c) To be angry(d) To take revenge   A jaundiced eye (a) Jealousy(b) A generous view(c) Angry(d) Prejudice (Answer)   To see red (a) To be very angry(b) To victimise someone(c) To find fault with (Answer)(d) To criticise others To push somebody to the …

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IDIOMS Vol – 3

To turn over a new leaf (a) To change completely one’s course of action (b) To shift attention to new problems after having studied the old ones thoroughly (c) To cover up one’s faults by wearing new marks d) To change the old habits and adopt new ones (Answer) A fair crack of the -whip …

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IDIOMS Vol – 4

Turned a deaf ear (a) listened carefully (b) was deadly opposed (c) posed indifference (d) did not pay any attention (Answer) mealy-mouthed (a) ill-tempered (b) soft-tongued (c) cunning (Answer) (d) ambitious moot point (a) all too clear (b) a fixed belief (c) a burning question d) a debatable point (Answer) give a wide berth (a) …

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Correct Spellings MCQs

The Content of Correct Spelling MCQs has been divided into volumes each containing 50 mcqs to make it easy for study and navigation . Correct Spellings Volume – 1

Correct Spellings Vol – 1

(a) absentinence (b) abstinence   (Answer) (c) abstenance (d) abstinance (a) accomplice   (Answer) (b) acomplice (c) accomplise (d) accumplice (a) diverce (b) divarce (c) diverse   (Answer) (d) diverc (a) ancroachment (b) encroachment   (Answer) (c) encrochment (d) encrotchment (a) epilogue   (Answer) (b) apilogue (c) apilog (d) eplelogue (a) exemplary (b) exemplry (c) examplary (d) exemplery (a) exanorate …

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Correct Sentences Vol – 1

a) He has some acquaintance with the German.b) He has some acquaintances with German.c) He has some acquaintance with German (Answer) a) He was given the benefit of doubt.b) He was given the benefit of the doubt (Answer)c) He was given benefit of doubt. a) Put it in your trousers’ pocket.b) Put it in your …

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Synonyms Vol – 1

SYNONYMS  Jeer (a) sneer (b) erude (c) laugh at (Answer) (d) knock out Jeopardise (a) endanger (Answer) (b) celeberate (c) protect (d) authorise Judicious (a) blithe (b) indiscreet (c) rapturous (d) careful (Answer) Jurisdiction (a) conjunction (b) authority (Answer) (c) co-operation (d) contiguity Kindle (a) inflame (Answer) (b) tease (c) satisfy (d) satiate Knack (a) …

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Synonyms Vol – 2

Idealist(a) enthusiast(b) achiever(c) person having highstandard (Answer)(d) problem solver Ignominious(a) disgraceful (Answer)(c) sluggishness(d) inrealistic(b) triumphant illicit(a) self explanatory(b) illiterate(c) broad-minded(d) unlawful (Answer) Illusion(a) misconception or delusion (Answer)(b) high ideal(c) impressionistic drawing(d) clarification Illustrious(a) brilliant (Answer)(b) inglorious(c) deceptive(d) self explanatory Imminent(a) threatening (Answer)(b) inevitable(c) unlikely (d) instantly Impeccable(a) poverty-stricken(b) faultless (Answer)(c) dirty(d) criminal Impediment(a) implement(b) complement(c) …

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Synonyms Vol – 3

Effusive (a) misleading. (b) confused (c) overly emotional  (Answer) (d) easily offended Elated (a) debased (b) drooping (c) respectful (d) gay  (Answer) Elevated (a) attenuated (b) illustrated (c) excited  (Answer) (d) dejected Elucidate (a) clarify  (Answer) (b) remind (c) obscure (d) recall Elusive (a) deadly (b) evasive  (Answer) (c) eloping (d) simple Emancipate (a) deliver  …

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Synonyms Vol- 4

English – Important Synonyms Cache (a) lock (b) hiding place (Answer) (c) automobile (d) tide Cachet (a) hiding place (b) book (c) prestige (Answer) (d) automobile Callow (a) rough (b) superficial (c) inexperienced (Answer) (d) sticky Candid (a) straight forward and simple (b) candidature (c) frank and honest (Answer) (d) smooth and fluent Capacious (a) …

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Synonyms Vol – 5

Most Important Synonyms Quarry (a) trend (b) prey (Answer) (c) decoy (d) seeking explanation Queer (a) familiar (b) pleasant (c) ordinary (d) strange (Answer) Quench (a) to extinguish  (Answer) (b) to increase (c) kindle (d) suppress Ratify (a) negotiate (b) approve   (Answer) (c) denounce (d) challenge Rational (a) guided by reason  (Answer) (b) emotional …

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Synonyms Vol – 6

Adroit (a) interested (b) skillful (Answer) (c) efficient (d) amusing Adulterate (a) to cook partially (b) to add water (c) smoke foods (d) to poor the quality by adding another substance (Answer) Adversity (a) opponent (b) opening (c) hardship (Answer) (d) agency Affectation (a) pretense (Answer) (c) standing (b) reality (d) adverse effect Affiliate (a) …

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Synonyms Vol – 7

EFFERVESCENCE Readiness Extreme Excitement (Answer) immorality Glory IMPETUOSITY Talking politely Talking excitedly Rushing upon the violence ( Answer) Attac king unmindfully PAROXYSM Depth of sea Deapth of Human mind A fit of passion (Answer) Smartness SOBRIETY Serenity (Answer) Pride Anger Lustfulness ECSTASY Rapture (Answer) Drunkenness Pleasure Sorrow EQUANIMITY Luxury Placidity (Answer) Joyousness Enchantment TRIBULATION Tumult …

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Synonyms Vol – 8

ABATE Lesson Difference Build Concentrate ABSOLVE Reluctance Discharge Abstract Obedience ABLUTION Mutiny Build Washing Fabricate ABDICATE Incurrence Resign Adorn Digest ABSCOND Taxation Obvious Unpleasant Conceal oneself ABASEMENT Essence Excitement Humiliation Survival ABHOR Department Refuse Rebate Hate ABSTINENCE Restrained Drinking and Eating Humility Disperse Adorn ABEYANCE Suspended Action Accrue Adjacent Nullify ABOLISH Fatalist Nullify Erase Disappear

Synonyms Vol – 9

flagrant most nearly means a. vibrant b. glaring c. vicious d. pleasant mitigate most nearly means a. relieve b. blend c. defend d. confuse Rail most nearly means a. scold b. push c. try d. punish Meld most nearly means a. character b. distinction c. blend d. firmness Rally most nearly means a. demonstrate b. …

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First in Pakistan

Name the first Pakistani Bank which started its operation on AUgust 17, 1947 (a) Muslim Commercial Bank (b) Habib Bank Ltd. (Answer) (c) United Bank Ltd. (d) Allied Bank Ltd. When the first agriculture reforms were introduced in Pakistan? (a) January 24, 1960 (b) January 24, 1958 (c) January 24, 1959 (Answer) (d) January 24, …

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  Computer is free from tiresome and boardroom. We call it A) Accuracy B) Reliability C) Diligence D) Versatility Answer = C Integrated Circuits (ICs) are related to which generation of computers? A) First generation B) Second generation C) Third generation D) Fourth generation Answer = C CD-ROM is a A) Semiconductor memory B) Memory …


Computer Science MCQs -1

Full form of “OS” is? a. Order of significance b. Operating system c. Open software d. Optical Sensor Answer = B The ribbon is used in ? a. Laser Printer b. Plotter c. Inkjet printer d. Dot Matrix printer Answer = D Address book contains? a. Email address b. Phone numbers c. People Names d. …

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One Word Substitution Vol – 2

A person who wants to destroy all government and order: Anarchist. I am liable to be called to account for my action: Answerable. To turn friends into enemies: Alienate. The people found in a country at the time of the earliest known settlement: Aborigines A person who does not believe in the existence of God …

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Economics MCQs

Economics – 1

ECONOMICS MCQs Collection of Economics MCQs Positive statements are those which are: value judgments verifiable or testable statements in the affirmative good statements The former Soviet Union was an example of: a planned economy free-market/capitalism dictatorship a mixed economy Rational choice or rational decision-making involves comparing the net benefit of a choice with the total …

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AUDITING – BASIC MCQS Best Auditing MCQs Which of the following is the main object of an audit ___ a) Expression of opinion b) Detection and Prevention of fraud and error c) Both (a) and (b) d) Depends on the type of audit. Which of the title of AAS2 issued by Council of ICAI ___ …

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Basics of Accounting

Accounting MCQs -10

BASICS OF ACCOUNTING This set contains 50+ mcqs of Basics of Accounting Which of the following accounts have only credit balance? A. Accounts payable account. B. Salaries outstanding account. C. Reserve fund account. D. All of the above accounts. ANSWER: D Which of the following accounts may have a debit or credit balance? A. Discount …

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Accounting MCQs -9

Any amount received towards endowment fund is a ______receipt. A. Ordinary. B. Special. C. Revenue. D. Capital. ANSWER: D Interest received on special fund investments will be added to ______ fund in the balance sheet. A. investment fund. B. bank fund. C. General. D. special ANSWER: D Any revenue expenditure relating to special fund must …

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