What Is Telegram? What Are The Features of Telegram?

What Is Telegram? What Are The Features of Telegram? 

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app available on the IOS, IOS X, Android, and Windows platforms.

It can also be used on a computer, laptop and some mobile browsers.

It is a free messaging service that allows users to chat anonymously. The service has instant messaging and voice and video calls.

What Are The Features of Telegram? Users can send text, picture, audio, video files to each other.

There is no banner ads on Telegram and you can create groups of your friends or colleagues.

What Is Telegram? What Are The Features of Telegram?
What Is Telegram? What Are The Features of Telegram?

Why Use Telegram?

It is the best secure messaging tool and the one which offers the fastest experience.

It offers encryption, self-destructing messages, channels, stickers and bots and more.

The software is easy to set up and helps you send messages, voice calls, files, images, and videos over the internet.

How Can I Download Telegram On Your PC? If you have a newer computer, then you can go for 32-bit version.

If you are using Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSuSE and other popular OS, then you can install it easily.

What Is Telegram? What Are The Features of Telegram?

Features of Telegram

User-friendly Telegram is relatively easier to use than other messaging services and video calling service. It is easy to register and start using Telegram.

The signup process is very fast and secure. Once you signup, you will receive a Telegram code by SMS or email.

This code can be used to login to your Telegram account. It is an instant messaging platform.

By using it you can send messages, pictures, videos and even upload your documents or files.

The chat sessions can be public or private. As it provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, the messages are sent

only to the participants in the conversation. However, some third-party tools, such as Tinderbox,

can read the unencrypted data. Telegram prevents these tools from accessing your private messages.

What Is Telegram? What Are The Features of Telegram?


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