Sales Tax act was promulgated in which of the following year?

a. 1990     (Answer)

b. 1991

c. 1992

d. 1993

Sales tax Act 1990 extends to the whole of

a. Punjab

b. Sindh

c. Pakistan     (Answer)

d. Internationally

Sales tax Act 1990 shall come into force on such date as the may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint.

a. Provincial Govt.

b. High Court

c. Federal Court

d. Federal Govt.     (Answer)

Appropriate officer’ means an officer of authorized by the Board by notification in the official Gazette to perform certain functions under this Act.

a. FBR

b. Inland Revenue     (Answer)

c. Excise Duty

d. None

“Aarrears”, in relation to a person, means, on any day, the sales tax by the person under this Act before that day but which has not yet been paid

a. Due

b. Payable

c. Both a &b     (Answer)

d. None

Banking company’ means a banking company as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance—-

a. 1960

b. 1961

c. 1962     (Answer)

d. 1956

“Board” means the Federal Board of Revenue established under section 3 of the Federal Board of Revenue Act

a. 1900

b. 2007     (Answer)

c. 2009

d. None

“Chief Commissioner” means a Inland as the chief Revenue person appointed as Commissioner under section—–

a. 30     (Answer)

b. 32

c. 31

d. 33

What is the Meaning of Commissioner, appointed under section 30

a. The Commissioner Of FBR

b. The Commissioner Management

c. The Commissioner Of Inland

Revenue     (Answer)

d. None

“Common taxpayer identification number” means the registration number or any other number allocated to a person

a. Common

b. Foreigner

c. Registered     (Answer)

d. None

A company as as defined in the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XL VII of 1984)

a. a body corporate formed by or under any law in force in Pakistan

b. a modaraba

c. a body incorporated by or under the law of a country outside Pakistan relating to incorporation of companies

d. All of These     (Answer)

“computerized system” means any comprehensive system to be used by the Board or any other office as may be notified by the Board, for carrying out the purposes of this Act

a. information technology     (Answer)

b. Computer System

c. Both a & b

d. None

Cottage industry means manufacturer whose turnover from taxable supplies made a in any tax period during the last months ending

a. 6

b. 10

c. 8

d. 12     (Answer)

Customs Act’ means the Customs Act, (IV of 1969), and where appropriate all rules and notifications made under that Act

a 1967

b. 1968

c. 1969     (Answer)

d. None

Defaulter’ means a person and, in the case of company or firm, every director, or partner of the company, or as the case may be, of the firm, of which he is a director or partner or a proprietor and include guarantors or successors, who fail to pay the

a. Tax

b. Excise Duty

c. Arears     (Answer)

d. All of These

“Default surcharge” means the default surcharge under section 34

a. Collected

b. Imposed

c. levied     (Answer)

d. none

Distributor means person appointed by a manufacturer, importer or any other person for a area to purchase goods from him for further supply

a. specified     (Answer)

b. All

c. Foreighner

d. All of These

Document includes any or any other medium for the storage of such data

a. electronic data

b. computer programmes

c. computer tapes

d. All of These     (Answer)

Due date date’ in relation to the furnishing of a return under section 26 and section 26AA means the day of the month following the end of the tax period

a. 10th

b. 15th     (Answer)

c. 20th

d. None

“e-intermediary” means a person appointed as e-intermediary under Section 52A for filing of electronic returns and such other documents as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time, on behalf of a person registered under section

a. 12

b. 13

c. 14

d. 15     (Answer)

Establishment means an whether incorporated or not, an association of persons or an individual

a. undertaking

b. firm

c. company

d. All of these     (Answer)

Exempt supply’ means a supply which is exempt from tax under section

a. 12

b. 13     (Answer)

d. 16

“Firm” means the. between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all

a. Coordination

b. Appropriation

c. relation     (Answer)

d. none

‘Goods’ include every kind of property other than actionable claims, money, stocks, shares and securities

a. movable     (Answer)

b. immovable Property

c. All of these

d. None

Importer’ means any person who imports any goods into

a State

b. Province

c. Pakistan     (Answer)

d. none

“Input tax”, in relation to a registered person, means

a. tax levied under this Act on supply of goods to the person,

b. tax levied under this Act on the import of goods by the person;

c. in relation to goods or services acquired by the person, tax levied under the Federal Excise Act, 2005 in sales tax

d. All of these     (Answer)

According to sales Tax Act ‘Manufacture’ or ‘produce includes of

a. any process in which an article singly or in combination with other articles, materials, components

b. process of printing, publishing, lithography and engraving; and

c. process and operations assembling mixing, cutting, diluting bottling, packaging, repacking or preparation of goods in any other manner

d. All of these     (Answer)

‘Open market price’ means the consideration in money which that supply or a similar supply would generally fetch in an open

a. Stock Exchange

b. Economy

c. market     (Answer)

d. None

“Output tax”, in relation to registered person, means

a. tax levied under this Act on a supply of goods, made by the person;

b. tax levied under the Federal Excise Act, 2005 in sales tax mode as a duty of excise on the manufacture or production of the goods, or or the rendering or providing of the services, by the person;

c. Provincial sales tax levied on services rendered or provided by the person

d All Of these      (Answer)

The Federal Government Can Be a ____ Under this Act

a. Person     (Answer)

b. Community

c. Organization d. None

Prescribed means _by rules made under this Act.

a. Statute

b. Elected

c. Selected

d. prescribed     (Answer)

Provincial sales tax” means tax levied under

a. All provinces     (Answer)

b. In one province

c. Outside the State

d. None

Registered office’ means the office or other place of business specified by the registered person in the application made by registration under this Act or through any subsequent application to the by him for

a. Commissioner     (Answer)

b. chairman

c. Both a & b

d. None

‘Registration number’ means the number allocated to the person for the purpose of this Act.

a. Employee

b. Individual

c. registered     (Answer)

d. None

Registered person’ means a person who is registered or is liable to be registered under

a. constitution of Pakistan

b. Federal Excise Duty

c. this Act     (Answer)

d. All of these

Retail price’, with reference to the Schedule, means the price fixed by the manufacturer, inclusive of all duties, charges and taxes

a second

b. Third     (Answer)

c. fourth

d. Fifth

Retail price’, with reference to the Third Schedule, means the price fixed by the manufacturer, inclusive of all duties, charges and taxes (other than sales tax) at which any particular brand or variety of any article should be sold to the general body of consumers or, if more than one such price is so fixed for the same brand or variety, the __of such price

a. highest     (Answer)

b. Lowest

c. Average

d. All of these

Retailer’ means a person, supplying goods to general public for the purpose of

a. 12

c. 16

b. Purchase

c. consumption     (Answer)

d. None

Retailer’ means a person, supplying goods to general public for the purpose of consumption:Provided that any person, whocombines the business of import
and retail or manufacture production with retail, shall notify and advertise wholesale prices and retail prices separately, and declare the address of retail outlets, and his total turnover per annum shall be taken into account for the purposes of registration under section

a. 12

b. 14     (Answer)


d. 18

Return’ means any return required to be furnished under of the sales Act 19

a. chapter 1

b. Chapter-V     (Answer)

c. Chapter-V

d. None

Sales tax” means

a. the tax, additional tax, or default surcharge levied under this Act;

b. a fine, penalty or fee imposed or charged under this Act; and

c. any other sum payable under the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under

d. All of these     (Answer)

Sales tax account” means means an account representing the entry recording of sales tax transactions in the books of account

a double     (Answer)

b. Single

c. both a& b

d. None

Schedule’ means a Schedule to this Act.

a. Amended

b. Attached

c. appended     (Answer)

d. None

Similar supply’, in relation to the open market price of goods, means any other supply of goods which closely or substantially resembles the and materials of the aforementioned goods.

a. characteristics

b. quantity

c. components

d. All of these     (Answer)

Special audit’ means an audit conducted under section

a. 31 A

b. 32A     (Answer)

c. 33A

d. 34A

Special Judge’ means the Special Judge appointed under Section of the Customs Act.

a. 85

b. 185     (Answer)

c. 285

d. 385

Supply” means a sale or other transfer of the right to dispose of goods as owner, including such sale or transfer under a hire purchase agreement and also includes

a. putting to private, business or non-business use of goods produced or manufactured in the course of taxable activity for purposes other than those of making a taxable supply:

b. auction or disposal of goods to satisfy a debt owed by a person; and

c. possession of taxable goods held immediately before person ceases to be a registered person

d All of these     (Answer)

Tax”, unless the context requires otherwise, means tax

a. sales     (Answer)

b. Ordinary

c. both a& b

d. none

Taxable activity”. means any activity carried on by a person whether or not for profit, and includes

a. economic     (Answer)

b. Social

c. Financial

d. None

“Taxable activity”. means any economic activity carried on by a  person whether or not for profit, and includes

a. an activity carried on in the form trade or of business, a manufacture;

b. an activity that involves the supply of goods, the rendering or providing of services, or both to another person:

c. a one-off adventure or concern in the nature of a trade

d. All of these     (Answer)

Taxable activity”means any economic activity carried on by a person whether or not for profit, and does not include

a. an activity that involves the supply of goods, the rendering or providing of services, or both to another person

b. anything done or undertaken during the commencement or termination of the economic activity

c. an activity carried on in the form of a business, trade or manufacture

d. the activities of an employee providing services in that capacity to an employer     (Answer)

“Tax fraud means knowingly, dishonestly or fraudulently and without any excuse.

a. lawful     (Answer)

b. Proper

C. Rightful

d. None

“Тах fraud’ means knowingly dishonestly or fraudulently and without any lawful excuse (burden of proof of which excuse shall be upon the accused)

a. doing of any act or causing to do any act;

b. omitting to take any action or causing the omission to take any action, including the making of taxable supplies without getting registration under this Act

c. Any of Above     (Answer)

d. All of above

Taxable goods’ means all goods other than those which have been exempted under section

a. 10

b. 13     (Answer)

c. 12

d. 14

‘Tax invoice means a document required to be issued under section

a. 23     (Answer)

b. 35

c. 24

d. 36

‘Taxable supply’ means a supply of taxable goods made by an importer, manufacturer, wholesaler (including dealer), distributor or retailer other than a supply of goods which is exempt under section 13 and includes a supply of goods chargeable to tax at the rate of per cent under section 4

a. one

b. Two

c. three

d. Zero     (Answer)

_________means a period of one month or such other period as the Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette

a. Tax Time

b. Tax duration

c. Tax period     (Answer)

d. None

Time of supply,” in relation to

a. a supply of goods, other thanunder hire purchase agreement,means the time at which thegoods are delivered or made available to the recipient of the supply;

b. a supply of goods under a hire purchase agreement, means the time at which the agreement is entered into; and

c. services, means the time at which the services are rendered or provided

d. All of these     (Answer)

e. None

Trust”. means annexed ownership of property and arising out of the confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner, or declared and accepted by the owner for the benefit of another, or of another and the owner, and includes a unit trust

a. Association

b. Appropriation

c. obligation     (Answer)

d. All of these


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