Federal Excise Tax Act, shall come into force on 2005.

a. 30 June

b. 1st July   (Answer)

c. 31st July

d. None

Adjudicating authority means any authority competent to pass any order or decision under this Act or the rules made there under, but does not include the

a. Board

b. Appellate Tribunal

c. Both a & b   (Answer)

d. None

“Adjustment” means of amount of duty paid on goods used in the manufacture or production of other goods from the amount of duty payable on such other goods in the prescribed manner.

a. deduction   (Answer)

b. Adjustment

c. Imposition

d. None

Appellate Tribunal” means the Customs, Excise and Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal constituted under section of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

a. 130   (Answer)

b. 191

C. 194

d. 198

“Board” means the Federal Board of Revenue established under the Central Board of Revenue Act, 1924 (IV of 1924) and Cil the commencement of the Federal Board of Revenue Act, 2007, the Federal Board of Revenue established under section thereof.

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3   (Answer)

d. 4

means an officer of Federal Excise notified as Collector of Federal Excise under this Act.

a. Collector

b. Commissioner   (Answer)

c. Director

d. None

“Conveyance” means any means of used for
such as vessel, aircraft, vehicle or animal etc
a. goods

b. passengers

c. goods or passengers   (Answer)

d. All of these

“Default surcharge” surcharge levied under

a. section 4

b. section 6

c. section 7

d. section 8   (Answer)

“Distributor” means a person appointed by a in or for a specified area to purchase goods from him for sale to a wholesale dealer in that area.

a. manufacturer   (Answer)

b. Owner

c. Distributor

d. None

“Due date”, in relation to furnishing a return under section 4, means the of the month following the end of the month, or such other date as the Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette.

a. 15th   (Answer)

b. 20th

c. 25th

d. None

Dutiable goods” means all excisable goods specified specified in the First Schedule except those which are exempt under section of the Act.
a 10

b. 12

č. 16   (Answer)

d. 18

“Dutiable supply” means a supply of dutiable goods made manufacturer other than a supply of
goods which is section 16 of the Act.
a. exempt   (Answer)

b. Include

c. Preclude

d. None

Dutiable services excisable services specified in the Schedule except those which are exempt under section 16 of the Act.
a. 2nd

d. 4th

b. 1st   (Answer)

c. 3rd

“Duty means any sum payable under the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under and includes the default surcharge and the duty chargeable at the rate of per cent.

a. zero   (Answer)

b. One

c. Two

d. Three

Duty due” means duty in respect of supplies made or services provided or rendered during a month and shall be paid at the time of return.

a. Entering

b. Filling   (Answer)

c. filing

d. All of these

“Establishment includes an whether incorporated or not, an association of persons and an individual.

a. undertaking

b. firm

c. company

d. All of these   (Answer)

Federal Excise Officer” means any officer of the Federal Excise Department or any person
(including an officer of the Provincial Government) invested by the with any of the powers of a Federal Excise Officer under this Act or rules made there under

a. Board   (Answer)

b. Chairman

c. Both a &b

d. None

“Franchise” means an authority given by a franchiser under which the franchisee is contractually or otherwise granted any right to in or do any other business activity in respect of goodsor to provide service or to undertake any with process identified franchiser or against fee consideration including royalty or technical fee, whether or not a trade a mark, service mark, trade name, logo, brand name or any such representation or symbol, as the case may be, is involved.

a. produce

b. manufacture

C. sell or trade

d. All of these   (Answer)

“Goods” means goods leviable to excise duty under this Act or as specified in the First Schedule and includes goods manufactured or produced in non-tariff area and brought for use or consumption to area.

a. Public

b. Open

C. Trade

d. tariff   (Answer)

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