1. which statement is false regarding muscle characteristic…
a. Excitability
b. Contractibility
c. Extensibility
d. Elasticity
e. Conductibility ✅

2. Which of the following is not released by the anterior pituitary gland?
a. Anti-diuretic Gland✅
b. Follicle stimulating hormone
c. Luteinizing hormone
d. Prolactin
e. Thyroid stimulating hormones

3. The “thick” muscle filament is composed of
a. Actine
b. Myosin✅
c. sarcomeres
d. Troponin
e. Z-Lines

4. Hormone are chemical messenger secreted by the
a. Endocrien organ
b. Endocrine and exocrine organ ✅
c. Exocrine organ
d. Liver
e. Kidney

5. Which of the one is Best Definition of Hemeostasis…
a. Osmoregulation of body
b. Control of Temperature
c. Independence of the external environment
d. Is essential for the normal functioning of the cell
e. Maintenance of constancy of internal environment ✅

6. Type of major salivary glands are
a) 3 ✅
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

7. Secretions from Parotid Glands glands are emptied into the oral cavity by
a) Stensen duct.✅
b) Wharton duct.
c) Duct of ravines.
d) Barthilon duct.

8. In the sublingual glands saliva is poured through small ducts that are open on small papillae
a) Beneath the tongue✅.
b) Beneath the teeth.
c) Inside the cheeks
d) At the upper molar tooths.

9. Excess calcium is secreted in saliva during.
a) Hyperparathyroidism✅
b) Nephritis
c) Diabetes
d) Tonsillitis

10. An autoimmune disorder in which the immune cells destroy exocrine glands such as lacrimal glands and salivary glands is
a) Sjögren Syndrome ✅
b) Xerostomia
c) Chorda Tympani Syndrome
d) Autoimmune syndrome

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