The SI unit of intensity of light is:

a) Mole

b) Kelvin

c) Candela

d) Ampere


0.0023 can be expressed in scientific notation as:

a) 23 × 10

b) 0.23 × 10

c) 2.3 × 10

d) None


1024 can be written in scientific notation as

a) 1.024x 103

b) 210

c) 0.000976

d) 1/0300097


Error occurs due to negligence and inexperience of a person is:

a) Systematic Error

b) Random Error

c) Personal Error

d) None


Error in measurement may occur due to

a) Inexperience of a person

b) The faulty apparatus

c) Inappropriate method

d) Due to all reasons in a, b and c


In any measurement the significant figures are

a) All accurately known and all doubtful digits

b) Only accurately known digits

c) Only doubtful digits d) All accurately know digits and the first doubtful



Number of significant figures in 0.0173 are:

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

d) Two


A student added three figures 72.1, 3.32 and 0.003. The correct answer regarding the rules of the addition of the significant figures will be

a) 75.423

b) 75.42

c) 75.4

d) 75


If the reading is taken with measuring scale whose minimum division is 1mm, then the correct reading is:

a) 0.2145 m

b) 0.21 m

c) 0.214 m

d) None


75.560 is round off as:

a) 75.6

b) 75.7

c) 76.00

d) None


Zero to the right of non-zero digits are:

a) Significant

b) Not significant

c) May or may not be significant

d) None


What is the number of significant figures in the measurement recorded as 8.70 × 10 ?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 4

d) 7


Zero is not significant only if it

a) Lies to the left of a significant digit

b) is between two digits

c) is to the right of a significant digit

d) is before the decimal point


Significant figures in 0.000846 are

a) Six

b) Four

c) Seven

d) Three


The sum of the three numbers, 2.7543, 4.10 and 1.273, up to correct decimal places is

a) 8.1

b) 8.13

c) 8.1273

d) 8.127


73.650 rounded off up to one decimal is

a) 73.6

b) 73.7

c) 74.00

d) 73.65


Absolute uncertainties are added in following operations:

a) Multiplication

b) Division

c) Subtraction

d) None


An accurate measurement is one which has less

a) Precision

b) Absolute uncertainty

c) Fractional uncertainity

d) None


Smaller is the least count of the instrument, more is

the measurement:

a) Accurate

b) Precise

c) Accurate and precise

d) None of these


Which is a correct record for the diameter of wire

when measured my a screw gauge of least count 0.001


a) 2.3 cm

b) 2.31 cm

c) 2.312 cm

d) 2.3124 cm


Which one of the following is not regarded as a fundamental quantity in Physics?

a) Length

b) Mass

c) Time

d) Weight


The dimension of the following pair is not the same

a) work & energy

b) work and torque

c) Momentum & impulse

d) Mass & moment of inertia

What is the source of energy in artificial satellite?
Answer. Solar Cells

Radioactive element reserves in D.G Khan Area of Pakistan is:
Answer. Uranium

The best Non-conventional source of energy in Pakistan is:
Answer. Solar energy

Who observed the magnetic effect of current ?
Answer. Oersted

In 2010, china become the third country in the world to possess an antisatellite weapon system. The other two countries are:
Answer. USA and Russia

According to the ancient Greeks , the four elements were earth, water , air and
Answer : Fire.

In 390 BC, which element was added by Plato as a fifth element to the ancient Greeks Elements .?
Answer. Ether

What will be the pole strength of each piece when a magnetic bar is cut into two pieces :
Answer. Remains the same

Speed of sound is maximum in:
Answer. Solid


At the center of earth mass of a body  :
Answer. Remains constant

The Zinc coating on steel or iron objects is called
Answer. Galvanizing

In a metal wire , the Electric current occurs due to the flow of
Answer. Electrons

Optic fires are mainly used for
Answer. Communication

Which among the following is a chemical change?
Answer. Lemon juice added to tea causing it to change

Which of the following is a vector quantity?
Answer. Force

The Centigrade & Fahrenheit Temperatures scales became the same at ?
Answer. -40 degree

Which among the following is an element?
Answer. Graphite

Taper Turning in lathe machine can be done by:
Answer. All of the above

In electro discharge machining, the tools used for cutting  are usually made of:
Answer. Uranium



Glass is made of:
Answer. Quartz and mica

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