An alternate unit to kgm/s is

a) Js

b) Ns

c) Nm

d) N


The SI unit of plane angle is

a) Steradian

b) Radian

c) Degree

d) Candela


Steradian is the angel which lies in:

a) One dimension

b) Two dimensions

c) Three dimensions

d) None


The SI unit of the solid angle is

a) Degree

b) Steradian

c) Revolution

d) Radian


The solid angle subtended at the center of sphere by an area of its surface equal to the square of radius of the sphere is called:

a) Degree

b) Radian

c) Minute

d) Steradian


Which is a derived unit:

a) Candela

b) Ampere

c) Kelvin

d) Newton


The unit of force is________ and its symbol is

_______ Which is the correct pair?

a) Newton, n

b) Newton, N

c) newton, n

d) newton, N


Which one is the correct representation of the unit of pressure?

a) Newton/Meter2

b) newton/meter2

c) Newton/meter2

d) Newton/Meter2


Which of the following is least multiple:

a) Pico

b) Femto

c) Nano

d) Atto

Which one is the highest power multiple?

a) giga

b) mega

c) kilo

d) deca

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