Plateaus situated in between plains and
mountains are called

(a) Intermontane plateaus

(b) Continental plateaus

(c) Piedmont plateaus   (Answer)

(d) Peninsular plateaus

Which is the longest mountain range in the

(a) Himalayas

(b) Andes   (Answer)

(c) Rockies

(d) Alps

Margalla Hills in and around Islamabad is a
branch of

(a) Kara Koram Range

(b) Hindu Kush Range

(c) Himalayas Range   (Answer)

(d) Suleman Range

Which of the following mountain systems is
the oldest?

(a) Himalaya

(b) Aravali   (Answer)

(c) Satpura

(d) Nilgiri

The youngest mountain range in the world is:

(a) Westem Ghats

(b) Himalayas   (Answer)

(c) Aravallis

(d) Andes

Which of the following processes is related to
the formation of Himalayas?

(a) Faulting

(b) Folding   (Answer)

(c) Sliding

(d) Volcanic eruptions

The first successful expedition to the Mount
Everest was made in

(a) 1962

(b) 1965

(c) 1968

(d) 1953   (Answer)

Which of following mountains separate Asia
from Europe?

(a) Ural Mountains   (Answer)

(b) Hindukush Mountains

(c) Alps Mountains

(d) Atlas Mountains

The “Roof of the World” is

(a) The Alps

(b) Andes

(c) The Apinines

(d) The Pamir Plateau (Tibet)   (Answer)

Himalaya range is based in

(a) Europe

(b) Asia   (Answer)

(C) Africa

(d) Australia

Name the mountain range found in South

(a) Alps

(b) Andes   (Answer)

(c) Illampir

(d) Rockies

How are the caves of the world’s greatest fold mountains formed?

(a) Regular movement

(b) Vertical movement

(c) Horizontal movement

(d) Compressional movement   (Answer)

Ceusta is

(a) A low flat topped hill

(b) A plateau   (Answer)

(c) A plain

(d) A mountain

Mount Nuove is found in

(a) Yellow stone park USA

(b) Naples in Italy   (Answer)

(C) Nepal

(d) India

Decan plateau is in-

(a) France

(b) India   (Answer)

(c) Australia

(d) South Africa

Siesson mountains are

(a) Youngest mountains

(b) Old mountains

(c) Tallest mountains   (Answer)

(d) None of these

Chermain mountains are only present

(a) Egypt

(b) Sri Lanka

(c) India   (Answer)

(d) South Africa

The highest plateau of the

(a) Potohar platea

(b) Balochistan plateau

(c) Pamir Plateau (Tibat)   (Answer)

(d) Dacan plateau

What is the height of the second highest mountian peak K-2 ?

(a) 8595 metre

(b) 8611 metre   (Answer)

(c) 8217 metre

(d) 8126 metre

Which is the highest mountian peak of the world?

(a) Mount Everest   (Answer)

(b) K2

(C) Nanga Parbat

(d) None of these

Mount Everst is present in the range of

(a) Karakoram

(b) Himalya   (Answer)

(c) Andies

(d) Hindukush

Mount Everest’s height is 29,028 ft what is its
height in metres?

(a) 8594 metres

(b) 8291 meters

(c) 8848 meters   (Answer)

(d) 8926 meters

Highest mountain peak Mount Everest is
situated in

(a) Nepal   (Answer)

(b) India

(c) China

(d) Pakistan

Atlas mountains are present in

(a) South Africa

(b) Morocco   (Answer)

(c) Niger

(d) Congo

Pontus mountains are present in

(a) Turkey   (Answer)

(b) China

(c) Russia

(d) Burma

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountian
peak situated in Himalaya range, its height is

(a) 29,028 feet

(b) 28,250 feet

(c) 28208 feet   (Answer)

(d) 28185 feet

Highest mountian peak of Himalaya range in
Pakistan with the height of 26660 feet is

(a) Manaslue

(b) Makalu

(C) Nanga Parbat   (Answer)

(d) Broad peak

Highest mountain peak of Hindukush ragne
which is situated in Pakistan with the height
of 25263 ft is

(a) Batura Peak

(b) Tirich Mir   (Answer)

(c) Rakaposhi

(d) Broad peak

Highest mountian peak of Karakoram mountain range is

(a) Mount Everest

(b) K2 (Godwin Austen, Chogori)   (Answer)

(c) Nanga Parbat

(d) Rakaposhi

Which mountain peak is called killer
mountain peak?

(a) Rakaposhi

(b) Mount Everest

(c) Dhaulagiri

(d) Nanga Parbat   (Answer)

Which is the second longest mountain of the

(a) Indies

(b) Karakoram

(c) Himalayas   (Answer)

(d) Hindu Kush

Mt. Kilimanjaro is situated in

(a) Asia

(b) Africa   (Answer)

(c) Europe

(d) America

Mt. Mckinely is situated in

(a) North America   (Answer)

(b) Asia

(c) Africa

(d) Europe

What is an ‘iceberg”?
(a) Mountain of ice in sea   (Answer)

(b) Atargest coral

(c) Mountain of Africa

(d) None of these

Epirogeny is result of
(a) Vertical earth movement   (Answer)

(b) Mass movement

(c) Horizontal earth movement

(d) All of the above

Scientific study of caves is called
(a) Epirogeny

(b) Sepolongy

(c) Speleology   (Answer)

(d) Mountalogy

Effi Plateau is situated in
(a) Peru   (Answer)

(b) Brazil

(c) Chile


Mansalu mountain peak is situated in the range

(a) Andies

(b) Himalaya   (Answer)

(c) Karakoram

(d) Hindu Kush

How many mountain peaks are higher than
eight thousand metres?

(a) 10

(b) 12

(c) 14   (Answer)

(d) 15

Which is the third largest mountain peak in the world?
(a) Kangchenjunga   (Answer)

(b) Makalu

(C) Cho oyo

(d) Lhotse

What is the height of world’s fifth largest
mountain peak Makalu?
(a) 8611 metres

(b) 8586 metres

(c) 8511 metres

(d) 8463 metres   (Answer)

How many mountain peaks are present in
Pakistan which are higher than eight
housand metres?

(a) 3

(b) 6

(c) 5   (Answer)

(d) 7

How many mountain peaks are situated in
Himalaya range which are higher than eight
thousand metres?

(a) 10

(b) 11   (Answer)

(c) 13

(d) 14

Mount Kiominjaro is situated in
(a) Kenya

(b) Tanzania   (Answer)

(c) Uganda

(d) South Africa

The highest mountains peak Mount Everest
has been named after Col. George Everest
who was

(a) Commandant of 1st Mountain infantry Unit

(b) A Commander of Goslcha Brigade

(c) A Political Agent in NWFP

(d) Surveyor General of India   (Answer)

In which range Broad Peak 1 is located?
(a) Hamaliya

(b) Hindukush

(c) Karakuram   (Answer)

(d) Kirthar

In which mountain range Tirch Mir mountain is located?
(a) Himaliya

(b) Kirther

(c) Hindukush   (Answer)

(d) Karakuram

Which is the highest peak of Kerther range?
(a) Broad peak 1

(b) Zardak   (Answer)

(c) Tirchi Mir

(d) K2

Which is the largest mountain system of
North America?
(a) Prime Charles mountain

(b) Mckunley

(c) Rockies mountain   (Answer)

(d) Aconcague

Mount Olympus is in
(a) Italy

(b) Greece   (Answer)

(c) France

(d) Hungry

Prince Charles mountain is located in

(a) Antartica   (Answer)

(b) North America

(c) England

(d) Greece


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