Which is the biggest fresh water lake in the world?

(a) Chilka Lake

(b) Caspian Lake

(c) Dal Lake

(d) Lake Superior  (Answer)

Which is the deepest lake in the world?

(a) Titicaca

(b) Victoria

(c) Baikal  (Answer)

(d) Superior

Which is the largest lake in Africa?

(a) Chad

(b) Victoria  (Answer)

(c) Nyasa

(d) Tanganyika

Where is Lake Superior, the largest fresh-
water lake in the world, located?
(a) Brazil

(b) None of these

(c) USA  (Answer)

(d) Russia

A cataract is a

(a) Huge waterfall  (Answer)

(b) A marshy creek

(c) A mountain pass

(d) Currency

Hamun Maskhel lake present in Balochistan
plateau. It is lake of

(a) Fresh water

(b) Hard water

(c) Salt water  (Answer)

(d) None of these

The Great Bear lake is situated in

(a) North America  (Answer)

(b) Canada

(c) Siberia

(d) None of these

Sinkhole lakes are common in
(a) New York (USA)

(b) Florida (USA)

(c) Michigan (USA)  (Answer)

(d) Virginia (USA)

The world’s highest lake is

(a) Lake Baikal, Asia

(b) Lake Titicaca, South America  (Answer)

(c) Lake Como, Europe

(d) Caspian Lake

Total number of great lakes of USA and Canada are

(a) Four

(b) Seven

(C) Five  (Answer)

(d) Three

Oxbow lakes are more common in

(a) USA  (Answer)

(b) Germany

(c) Pakistan

(d) Canada

Hanna lake is situated near

(a) Peshawar

(b) Quetta  (Answer)

(c) Kaghan

(d) Islamabad

Churchill water fall is present in

(a) Canada  (Answer)

(b) England

(c) USA

(d) France

Troute lake is present in

(a) USA

(b) Canada  (Answer)

(c) Fraqnce

(d) China

Lake Tana is present in

(a) Ethiopia  (Answer)

(b) Kenya

(c) Ghana

(d) USA

Which of the following lake is most polluted
lake in the world?

(a) Lake mead

(b) lake victoria

(c) Huron

(d) Lake Erie  (Answer)

Tugela water fall is present in

(a) Venezuela

(c) Canada

(b) South Africa  (Answer)

(d) USA

Utigardsfossen water fall is present in

(a) Canada

(b) USA

(c) France

(d) Norway  (Answer)

Sutherland water fall is present in

(a) Newzealand  (Answer)

(b) Canada

(c) USA

(d) Australia

Yosemite is a famous water-fall of

(a) USA  (Answer)

(b) Canada

(c) Kenya

(d) France

The highest water-fall of the world is

(a) Angel  (Answer)

(b) Tugela

(c) Ribbon

(d) None of these

Which is the second highest water-fall of the world?

(a) Angel

(b) Tugela  (Answer)

(c) Ribbon

(d) Connet

Which of the following is called Widow’s tears?

(a) Lake

(b) Waterfall  (Answer)

(c) Island

(d) None of these

What is the height of Angel Water-fall?

(a) 3081 feet

(b) 3181 feet

(c) 3281 feet  (Answer)

(d) 3381 feet

King Edward Ill water-fall is situated in

(a) Norway

(b) Gayana  (Answer)

(c) Italy

(d) Denmark

Melegon water-fall is located in

(a) Italy

(b) New Zealand  (Answer)

(c) USA

(d) Australia

Neuda water-fall is located in

(a) USA  (Answer)

(b) UK

(c) Italy

(d) India

Sloeskan is the name of water-fall where is it

(a) South Africa

(b) Canada

(c) USA  (Answer)

(d) France

What is “Great Bear”?
(a) Waterfall

(b) Lake  (Answer)

(c) Sea

(d) Animal

What is the total area of world’s largest lake
caspian sea?

(a) 394,299 sq. km  (Answer)

(b) 294,366 sq. km

(c) 354,000 sq. km

(d) None of these

Randeer is the name of lake, situated in

(a) Peru

(b) Canada  (Answer)

(c) France

(d) Britain

Ontario lake is situated in

(a) USA

(b) Canada  (Answer)

(c) Italy

(d) France

Michigan lake is located in

(a) USA  (Answer)

(b) Canada

(c) Italy

(d) Britain

Which of the following countries are situated
around the lake caspian sea?

(a) Russia, Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan

(b) Russia Syria Turkey Kazakhstan

(c) Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan

(d) Azerbaijan India, China, Russia  (Answer)

Which one of the following lakes is situated in

(a) Irri lake

(b) Ural lake

(c) Wann lake  (Answer)

(d) Nyasa lake

Which is the saltiest lake of the world?
(a) Titicaca lake

(b) Dead sea  (Answer)

(c) Baikal lake

(d) Caspean sea

Which lake is located in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?
(a) Great bear lake

(b) Lake Victoria  (Answer)

(c) Java lake

(d) Michigan lake

In which country would you find lake disappointment?

(a) Newzealand

(b) USA

(c) Australia  (Answer)

(d) France


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