What part of the atmosphere are you breathing right now?

  1. Bathysphere
  2. Stratosphere
  3. Troposphere
  4. Ionosphere

Cape Agulhas is where which of the following oceans meet?

  1. Atlantic and Indian
  2. Atlantic and arctic
  3. Indian and pacific
  4. Pacific and Atlantic

Which one of the following countries does not border Libya?

  1. Tunisia
  2. Morocco
  3. Egypt
  4. Chad

Which of ther following countries is closest is size to Pakistan?

  1. Congo
  2. Paraguay
  3. Turkey
  4. Chile

Which of the following country is called enclave?

  1. Kosovo
  2. Liechtenstein
  3. Slovakia
  4. San Marino

What is the only country that shares land border with Canada?

  1. Greenland
  2. United states
  3. Russia
  4. Mexico

Which is the only country in South America with coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean?

  1. Peru
  2. Colombia
  3. Chile
  4. Brazil

What is the new capital of Sri Lanka?

    1. Yangon
    2. Colombo
    3. Naypyidawa
    4. Sri Jayewardenepura kotte

What is the new capital of Myanmar?

    1. Yangon
    2. Colombo
    3. Naypyidawa
    4. Katmandu

Equator passes through?

    1. Pakistan
    2. Matta
    3. Malaysia
    4. Indonesia

Mercator is the first to use what term for a collection of maps?

    1. Atlas
    2. Enchiridion
    3. Gazetteer
    4. Encyclopedia

The most commonly well-known geographic coordination system is latitude and longitude… also, commonly referred as?

    1. Parallels and meridians
    2. Horizontals verticals
    3. Primes and equators
    4. X-lines and Y-lines

The only line of latitude which is as large as any line of longitude id the?

    1. Tropic of Capricorn
    2. Prime meridian
    3. Tropic of cancer
    4. Equator

Which African country is long and narrow which is sandwiched between Benin and Ghana ?

    1. Djibouti
    2. Burkina Faso
    3. Togo
    4. Cote D’lvoire

What word is a synonym for all lines of latitude?

    1. Meridian
    2. Equator
    3. Parallel
    4. Hemisphere

What are the system of interlocking lines of latitude and longitude on a map called?

    1. Parallels
    2. Grids
    3. Equator
    4. Meridians

­­­­­What line of latitude lies at 0 degrees?

  1. Parallels
  2. Grids
  3. Equator
  4. Meridians

What is the directional indicator on a map called?

    1. Navigator
    2. Mercator
    3. Compass Rose
    4. Meridian

Degrees on a map are divided into 60 equal parts. What are these parts called?

    1. Days
    2. Seconds
    3. Minutes
    4. Hours

Which of the following countries is closest in size to Yemen?

    1. Myanmar
    2. Syria
    3. Oman
    4. Mali

If you wanted to go on a cruise on which sea would you not be able to sail.

    1. Green sea
    2. Red sea
    3. Yellow sea
    4. Black sea

Based on post-WWⅡ planning principles, which American ’New City’ is locates in the San Francisco Bay area?

    1. Carter
    2. San Leander
    3. Mariner
    4. Foster

Which of the following countries is closest in size to Germany?

    1. Greece
    2. Chile
    3. Spain
    4. Italy

What is the national language of Kenya?

    1. English
    2. French
    3. Kenyatta
    4. Swahili

Which two countries share the longest border?

    1. Chile and Argentina
    2. USA and Canada
    3. USA and Mexico
    4. Brazil and Peru

What is the only Central American country not to have Spanish as its official language?

    1. Belize
    2. Costa rico
    3. Jamaica
    4. panama

What is the only country to speak Dutch American?

    1. Brazil
    2. Bolivia
    3. Suriname
    4. Paraguay

Zacatecas is a state located in which country?

    1. Canada
    2. Mexico
    3. Brazil
    4. Jamaica

What small country is a peninsula in the Persian Gulf? It is also the only country that starts with the letter Q.

    1. Qatar
    2. Qinghai
    3. Qanat
    4. Qiemo

Which of the following three-letter combinations begins the of the most countries?

    1. Mai
    2. Bur
    3. Cam
    4. Bet

In terms of basic physical geography, which of the following is the odd one out?

    1. Zimbabwe
    2. Malawi
    3. Mozambique
    4. Zambia

Madagascar is off the coast of what country?

    1. South Africa
    2. Mazambique
    3. Tanzania
    4. Kenya

How many countries in the world start with “Q”?

    1. 2
    2. 1
    3. 3
    4. 0

Which of these geographical lines through the most countries?

    1. Tropic and Capricorn
    2. Prime Meridian
    3. Equator
    4. Tropic of Cancer

How many U.S. states border the Pacific Ocean?

    1. 4
    2. 7
    3. 3
    4. 5

What is the names of huge modern Ferris wheel overlooking the Thames in downtown London?

    1. London Eye
    2. Big Ben
    3. Stonehenge
    4. None of these

Who are the only people allowed to touch the Stonehenge monument?

    1. Druids
    2. Stuarts
    3. Lords
    4. None of these

What is the name of the bell inside parliament clock tower?

    1. London Eye
    2. Big Ben
    3. Stonehenge
    4. None of these

Removal of the top layer of the soil/rock by wind, water is known as:

    1. Corrosion
    2. Desalination
    3. Detoxification
    4. Erosion

Natural hot water spring occurring in Zealand, Italy and Iceland are known as:

    1. Hot Bubbles
    2. Old Faithful
    3. Fountains
    4. Geysers

Green House effect will lead to:

    1. An increase in oxygen production
    2. Greater rainfall
    3. Decrease in atmospheric pressure
    4. An in increase in the temperature

What are metal bearing rocks called:

    1. Metalloids
    2. Slag
    3. Bitumen
    4. Ores

Coal is formed from:

    1. Rocks
    2. Soil
    3. Organic matter
    4. Lava

Solar energy is a:

    1. Non Renewable source of energy
    2. Polluting source of energy
    3. Very limited source of energy
    4. Renewable source of energy

Which of the following is a main component of common glass?

    1. Water
    2. Marble
    3. Powdered mica
    4. Sand

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