The unit to measure the quantity of Ozone in atmosphere is?

A. Dobson (Answer)

B. Dalton

C. Coloumb

D. none

The severity of 2005 earthquake in Pakistan on Richter scale was ?

A. 6.9

B. 7.6 (Answer)

C. 7.1

D. none

Geiger-Muller counter is used to detect—–?

A. Protons (Answer)

B. Neutrons

C. Photons

D. none

Vacuum tubes have been replaced by—–?

A. Conductors

B. Diodes

C. Transistors (Answer)

D. None of these

It is a secondary plant nutrient?

A. Nitrogen

B. Phosphorus

C. Sulphur (Answer)

D. none

An area of microbiology that is concerned with the occurence of disease in human population is?

A. Immunology

B. Paracitology

C. Epidemiology (Answer)

D. none

It is impossible for a type of O+ baby to have a type of——mother:

A. AB- (Answer)

B. O-

C. O+

D. none

Serum if blood plasma minus its?

A. Calcium ions

B. Clotting proteins (Answer)

C. Globulins D. none

The autonomic nervous system innervates all of these except?

A. Cardiac muscles

B. Skeletal muscles (Answer)

C. Smooth muscles

D. none

The damage to the—–nerve could result in the defect of the eye movement:

A. Optic

B. Trigeminal

C. Abducens (Answer)

D. none

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