Famous cities of the world

MCQs about Famous Cities of the World

Which city of Iran has the biggest refinery of the world?

(a) Abadan    (Answer)

(b) Asphan

(C) Tehran

(d) None of them.

Why Aberdeen city of England is an important city?

(a) Industrial city

(b) Seaport

(c) Famous as the granite city

(d) All of them    (Answer)

Adelaide city of Australia is famous for

(a) Textile Industry    (Answer)

(b) Oil refineries

(c) Cricket grounds

(d) None of them

Babylon, an ancient centre of art, science and culture, remains of biblical tower/hanging garden found there is the city of

(a) Iraq    (Answer)

(b) Iran

(c) Syria

(d) Jordan

What is the importance of city Baku?

(a) Tanning industry

(b) Oil centre on Caspian Sea    (Answer)

(c) Seaport

(d) Coal mining


Which city is famous because first Afro-Asian
Summit was held here in 1955?

(a) Bangladesh

(b) Bandung    (Answer)

(c) Istanbul

(d) Kirkuk

Which is the world’s first urban settlement to be exclusively powered by solar energy?

(a) Barcelona

(b) Buenos Aires

(c) Barranacas    (Answer)

(d) Detroit

Name the city which is the chief port, commercial centre and venue of the 1992 Olympics.

(a) Buenos Aires

(b) Munich

(c) Barcelona    (Answer)

(d) Los Angeles

An international town constructed by UNESCO at Pondicherry in India is

(a) Araboli

(b) Auroville    (Answer)

(c) Avigon

(d) Balak


Benghazi a chief town and port on Gulf of Sidra in Mediterranean Sea belongs to

(a) Syria

(b) Sudan

(c) Iraq

(d) Libya    (Answer)

Diego Garcia is famous because it is a

(a) US military base    (Answer)

(b) Coal mining

(C) Diamond mining

(d) British seaport

Cape Kennedy, a city of USA is famous for

(a) Head office of Ford Motors

(b) USA Head Office    (Answer)

(c) Biggest ship building industry

(d) None of them

Detroit a city of USA is famous for

(a) Ship building

(b) Car manufacturing    (Answer)

(c) Aeroplane manufacturing

(d) None of them

Name the French port on the English Channel near the Belgian border

(a) Gibraltar

(b) Gettysburg

(c) Dunkirk    (Answer)

(d) Humburg


Name the city where European head office of UN is located

(a) Geneva    (Answer)

(b) Glasgow

(C) Washington

(d) Barcelona

Gettysburg of USA is historically an important
city because of

(a) Civil War    (Answer)

(b) Kennedy was assassinated

(c) Centre of world beauty contest

(d) None of them

Glasgow city is famous because

(a) Textile centre

(b) Military base

(c) Biggest ship building centre    (Answer)

(d) None of the them

Greenwich, a city of London is famous for

(a) Calculating the time of all the countries    (Answer)

(b) Beautiful gardens

(c) Both of them

(d) None of them


Name the city which is a seat of the UNO International Court of Justice.

(a) Hamburg

(b) Greenwich

(c) Geneva

(d) Hague    (Answer)

Havana, the capital of Cuba is famous for

(a) Cigar manufacturing    (Answer)

(b) Sugar industry

(c) Oil refinery

(d) None of them

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii Island is famous for

(a) Fish catching

(b) Commercial centre

(C) Tourist resort    (Answer)

(d) Oil fields

Which city of United States is famous for film

(a) Chicago

(b) New York

(c) Hollywood    (Answer)

(d) Kansas

Name the city which is a seaport and was formerly called Constantinople

(a) Istanbul    (Answer)

(b) Ankara

(c) Kirkuk

(d) None of them

Name the city where Jesus Christ was
crucified and is called Holy City.

(a) Jerico

(b) Damascus

(c) Jerusalem    (Answer)

(d) Baghdad


Johannesburg is famous for

(a) Gold mines    (Answer)

(b) Diamond mining

(c) Seaport

(d) Oil fields

Which city has temple of Tooth (Buddha’s Tooth)?

(a) Kandy    (Answer)

(b) Sao Pola

(C) Kelgorlie

(d) Lop Nor

Kirkuk famous for its oil fields is the city of

(a) Iran

(b) Syria

(c) Iraq    (Answer)

(d) Saudi Arabia

What is the importance of Lop Nor city of China?

(a) Nuclear explosion test site    (Answer)

(b) Chinese seaport

(c) Industrial town

(d) None of them


Which is the third most populous city of world
and a capital of a country?

(a) Delhi

(b) London    (Answer)

(c) Ankara

(d) Dhakka

Miami Beach is famous for

(a) Centre for World Beauty Contest    (Answer)

(b) Biggest port of USA

(c) Centre of expo centres

(d) None of them

Name the city which is a financial centre of the world, houses the Empire State building and has the Statue of Liberty

(a) Washington

(b) Los Angeles

(c) New York    (Answer)

(d) Dehli

Aravi is the city of India famous for

(a) Earth satellite station    (Answer)

(b) Diamond cutting industry

(c) Residence of Motilal Nehru

(d) Seaport

Name the island in the Mediterranean where Napoleon was exiled in 1814-15.

(a) Waterloo

(b) St. Helena

(c) Sao Polo

(d) Elba    (Answer)

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After losing the battle of Waterloo in 1815 Napoleon was exiled to

(a) Elba

(b) Stratford

(c) St. Helena    (Answer)

(d) Ulster

Which is the largest city of Canada?

(a) Van Couver

(b) Toronto    (Answer)

(c) Montreal

(d) None of them.

Which city is the biggest source of nickle?

(a) Toronto

(b) Yellow Stone

(c) Milavi

(d) Sudbury    (Answer)

Which is the world’s second most populous city of the world?

(a) Shanghai

(b) Tokyo

(c) London

(d) Mexico city    (Answer)

Vatican City is the residence of Pope and the smallest state of the world with an area of

(a) 2.00 sq. km

(b) 1.5 sq. km

(c) 0.44 sq. km    (Answer)

(d) 0.85 sq. km

Bali is famous picnic and tourist resort of

(a) Malaysia

(b) Indonesia    (Answer)

(c) Australia

(d) None of these

Wimbledon is famous for its

(a) Cricket matches

(b) Hockey matches

(c) Tennis tournaments    (Answer)

(d) Golf tournaments

Which of the following cities is known as ‘City of Canals’?

(a) Paris

(b) Amsterdam

(c) Oslo

(d) Venice    (Answer)

Which of the following Iranian seaport situated on the Hormuz strait

(a) Tehran

(b) Tebriz

(c) Bandar Abbas    (Answer)

(d) Saad


Barcelona is a largest port and Chief commerical, educatinoal and industrial centre of

(a) France

(b) Spain    (Answer)

(c) Italy

(d) Switzerland

Bamako is the capital and big trading centre of

(a) Nigeria

(b) Azerbijan

(c) Mali    (Answer)

(d) Italy

Tallinn is the main city and capital of

(a) Estonia    (Answer)

(c) Cyprus

(b) Latvia

(d) Lithuania

Bridgetown is the capital and commercial centre of

(a) Jamika

(b) Barbados    (Answer)

(c) Togo

(d) Costa Rica

Belfast is the chief industrial centre and capital of

(a) Iceland

(b) Ireland    (Answer)

(c) Wales

(d) England

Which city is the capital of East Timor?

(a) Tini

(b) Dili    (Answer)

(c) Juba

(d) Cancun

Cancun is a famous city of

(a) Spain

(b) Itlay

(c) USA

(d) Mexico    (Answer)

Flint city is famous for car manufacturing is the city of

(a) USA    (Answer)

(b) Japan

(c) Spain

(d) Germany


Tehrir Square is situated in

(a) Rabat

(b) Tehran

(c) Cairo    (Answer)

(d) Istanbul

Greenwhich is located in

(a) Green Land

(b) England    (Answer)

(c) Holland

(d) France

Canton is a city in

(a) Thailand

(b) Germany

(C) China    (Answer)

(d) South Korea

Name the most expensive city of the world as a survey of February 2012.

(a) London

(b) Paris

(c) New York

(d) Zurich    (Answer)


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