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Exam Preparation: Eight Study Tips


Preparing for your examination can be difficult sometimes if you are not used to studying on a regular basis. You may procrastinate and seek out different ways of not studying. But if you are reading this then it mean you are genuinely worried about your academics and your examination. So worry not because we have done our research and we will be sharing with 5 study tips which if you use, you will get maximum result.

1.Review your syllabus:

Determine when all of your tests will be held and how much of your grade will be based on them. Make a note of these dates in your calendar or planner so they don’t pass you by.

Prepare for each exam by scheduling study sessions at least a week ahead of time. Rather than trying to cram all into one mega session, you can do multiple mini-reviews ahead of time and progressively increase the amount of time you research.


2.Pay attention in class:

This will seem to be a no-brainer, but paying attention in class will benefit you tremendously when it comes to exam time. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll just “absorb” information; instead, take an active role in your education. It would be easier to concentrate if you sit at the front of the class.

Teachers also offer hints such as “The most important thing about this subject is…”, so pay attention.\


3.Take good notes:

This is better said than done, but learning how to take good notes can be highly useful when it comes to research. Make a list of all the instructor writes on the board or slides. Try to take down as much information as possible from the teacher, but don’t let taking notes distract you so much that you fail to listen.

After each lesson, go through your notes again. This will assist in the management of the situation.


4.Organize your study space:

Check if you have enough room to spread out your textbooks and notes. Do you have enough light? Is your chair a good fit for you? Are your computer games hidden from view?

Remove all distractions and ensure that you are as relaxed and able to concentrate as possible. For others, this may imply near-complete silence; for others, background music may be helpful. Some of us have a total need for everything.

5.Make studying a part of your habits:

It’s all too easy to think of studying as something you do at the last minute in a massive overnight cram session. Instead, consider devoting some time to studying each day. It will help you stay motivated to continue the habit if you schedule it like every other appointment or lesson.


6.Ask about the exam format:

Ask your instructor about the test’s structure, how it would be measured, if extra credit is available, and if they will be willing to speak to you about highlighting in your notes, the most appropriate broad subjects, and so on.


7.Explain your answers to others:

Exam time does not have to be an inconvenience for parents and younger siblings. Take advantage of them. To them, explain a response to a question. This will assist you in getting things straight in your head, as well as highlighting any places that you need to improve.


8.Organize study groups with friends:

Organize a study session with your colleagues. You may have questions for which they have answers, and they may have questions for which you have answers. This can be one of the most successful ways to challenge yourself if you make sure you remain focused on the subject for an agreed-upon period of time.

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