The earthquake waves which have transverse movements are known as
(a) Primary waves

(b) Secondary waves    (Answer)

(c) Surface waves

(d) None of the above

In the study of which of the following areas,
the instrument of ‘Seismograph’ is used?

(a) Stars

(b) Rivers

(c) Earthquakes    (Answer)

(d) Volcanoes

During an earthquake, the major destruction
is casused by the energy released due to

(a) Sound waves

(b) Light waves

(c) Seismic waves    (Answer)

(d) A combination of sound waves and seismic

Which of the following measures the strength
or magnitude of an earthquake?

(a) Douglas scale

(b) Richter scale    (Answer)

(c) Rankine scale

(d) Kelvin scale

“Ring of Fire” refers to the ring of volcanoes
present in

(a) Ring of earthquakes

(b) Five permanent members of UN

(c) Circum-Pacific seismic belt    (Answer)

(d) Five continents

Which of the following is a post volcanic
(a) Earthquake    (Answer)

(b) Lava ejection

(c) Thermal Spring formation

(d) Typical behaviour of the animals

Volcanic eruptions occur due to

(a) Excessive heat inside the earth

(b) Pressure in the baccolith

(c) Lateral displacement of plates

(d) Conversion of rocks in the deeper layers of
earth’s crust to a molten state of magma    (Answer)

Which of the following factors is responsible
for occurrence of earthquakes?

(a) Sudden cooling and contraction of the earth’s

(b) Activity of some dormant volcanoes

(c) Change of water into steam due to internal
heat and its expansion

(d) All of the above cause earthquake    (Answer)

A crack in the earth’s crust through which hot
magma and gases forces out is called

(a) Eruption

(b) Volcano    (Answer)

(c) Break

(d) Crack

Which Island was epicentre of Tsunami on
26, December 2004?

(a) Jawa

(b) Sumatra    (Answer)

(c) Bali

(d) None of them

Which of the following phenomena is
responsible for the formation of the highest
(a) Denudation

(b) Fault formation

(c) Volcanic activity    (Answer)

(d) Folding

Volcanic Mt. Etna is located in

(a) Hawaii USA

(b) Indonesia

(c) Itlay (Sicily)    (Answer)

(d) Kenya

Fujiyama in Japan is a
(a) River

(b) Lake

(c) Volcano mountain    (Answer)

(d) Plain

Stromboli volcano is located in
(a) Chile

(b) Philippines

(c) Indonesia

(d) Sicilly (Italy)    (Answer)

Mt. Katmai valley in Alaska is known as the

(a) Valley of beauty

(b) Valley of volcanoes

(c) Valley of ten thousand smokes    (Answer)

(d) None of these

Hibok volcano which exploded in 1951 is present in
(a) Philippines    (Answer)

(b) Indonessia

(c) Chile

(d) Italy

Vesuvius is the name of

(a) Mountain in Germany

(b) A valley of deserts

(c) A path under water

(d) Volcano in Italy    (Answer)

The Devil Tower is present in USA is a

(a) Lake

(b) Waterfall

(C) Volcano    (Answer)

(d) Hotel’s name

The largest volcano crater in the world is

(a) Vesuvius (Italy)

(b) Toba (Indonesia)    (Answer)

(c) Etna (Sicily)

(d) Stromboli (Sicily)

In which year Tsunami hit the area of Makran?

(a) 1942

(b) 1946    (Answer)

(c) 1952

(d) 1968

How many countries were affected from the

Tsunami of 2004?

(a) 9

(b) 10

(C) 11

(d) 12    (Answer)

Quetta city was completely destroyed due to

Earthquake in

(a) 1930

(b) 1932

(C) 1935    (Answer)

(d) 1938

How many people died in earthquake of 1935

in Pakistan?

(a) 20000

(b) 25000

(c) 30000    (Answer)

(d) 35000

An earthquake of 7.6 magnitude on richter

scale hit the northern areas of Pakistan and

Azad Kashmir on

(a) 6th October 2004

(b) 8th October 2005    (Answer)

(c) 8th October 2006

(d) 6th October 2005

How many people died in 8th October 2005’s

earthquake in Pakistan?

(a) 65000

(b) 67000

(c) 71000

(d) 73276    (Answer)

The epicenter of earthquake which struck

Pakistan on 8th October 2005 was 100

kilometre in the north of Islamabad at

(a) Balakot

(b) Muzaffarabad

(c) Garhi Habib Ullah    (Answer)

(d) None of these


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