He says “He is a good boy”.

He says that he is a good boy.

He will say “Aslam can go”.

He says that Aslam can go.

I said to him, “I do my duty”

I told him that I did my duty.

Rashid says that Ali will go and meet you.

Rashid says, “Ali will go and meet you”

You said to me, “Your son is more intelligent than mine”.

You told me that my son was more intelligent than yours.

You said to him, “I shall give you his pen”.

You told him that you would give him his pen.

I said to him, “You are not a man of words”.

I told him that he was not a man of words.

She said to me, “Why do you weep ?

She asked me why I wept.

She said to me, “Do you weep”?

She asked me if I wept.

He said to them, “Can you help me?”

He asked them whether they could help him

I said to my servant, “Polish my shoes”

I ordered my servant to polish my shoes.

He said to me, “Please do not run so fast”.

He requested me not to run so fast.

He said, “Rizwan, come here”

He ordered Rizwan to come there.

The officer said to the peon, “Get Out and do not come again”

The officer ordered to peon to get out and not to come again.

The officer asked him how old he was.

The officer said to him, “How old are you?”

He said to me, “Who is going with me?”

He asked me who was going with him.

Hamid said, Hurrah! I have got the first prize.”

Hamid exclaimed with joy that he had got the first prize.

He exclaimed with sorrow that his son had failed.

He said, “Alas! My son has failed.”

He exclaimed with joy that it was a very pretty flower.

He said, What a pretty flower it is!”

He exclaimed with wonder that it was a very beautiful bird.

He said, “What a beautiful bird.”

She said to me, “Alas! How foolish I have been!”

She exclaimed with sorrow to me that she had been very foolish.

He said to me, “Hurrah! I have passed “.

He exclaimed with joy to that he had passed.

He said, “May you live long!”

He prayed that I might live long.

He said, “Would that I was rich!”

He wishes that he was rich.

He said to me, “Would that l was rich!”

He wished that he was rich.

I said to her, “May you succeed in your life”.

I wished that she might succeed in her life

The mother said to her son, “May God bless you with a son!”

The mother prayed for her son that God might bless him with a son.

The beggar cursed at me that I might go to hell.

The beggar said to me, “May you go to hell!”

The wolf said to the camel, “Why are you making the water muddy”?

The wolf asked the lamb why he was making the water muddy.

The lamb said, “Sir, the water is coming from you to me, how can I make it muddy”?

The lamb respectfully replied that the water was coming from his side to him. How he could make it muddy.

The wolf said, “You abused me last year”.

The wolf said that he had abused him last year.

The lamb said, “I was not yet born”.

The lamb replied respectfully that he had not been born last year.

He wanted to know if I was going to the concert and suggested that we should make up a party and go together.

Are you going to concert and said shall make up a party and go together.

“Sir, I have no brother or sister” ,said the lamb

The lamb replied politely that he had no brother or sister.

“Do you know any body in this area or could you get a reference from your landlady”? He asked me.

He asked me if I knew any body in that area or if I could get a reference from my landlady.

The monkey said, “I shall be pleased to settle your dispute provided you don’t interfere with whatever I do”.

The monkey replied that he would be pleased to settlle their dispute provided they did not interfere with whatever he did.

He said, I mustn’t mind if the first one wasn’t any good.

He said that he should not mind if the first one had been not any good.

The monkey said, “The rest of the cake is my fee for taking the trouble of dividing your cake between you”.

The monkey told that the rest of the cake was his fee for taking the trouble of dividing their cake between them.

“I must go to the dentist tomorrow”, he said. “I have an appointment.

He said that he had to go to the dentist the following day as he nau a day as he had an appointment

A rat stood up and said, “I propose to tie a bell round the neck of the cat so that on hearing its noise we can escape to our holes”.

A rat stood up and proposed to tie a bell round the neck of the cat so that on hearing the noise they could escape to their holes.

“How far is it”? I said, ” and how long will it take me to get there”?

I said how far that was and how long it would take me to get there.

An old rat came forward and said, “But tell me who will bell the cat”

An old rat came forward and asked meekly to tell him who would bell the cat.

“If he spoken to my father as you speak to me he’d have beaten me,” he said to me

He told me that if he had spoken to his father as I spoke to him, he would have beaten him.

The fox said to the crow, “Your colour is so bright and beautiful. I think you can sing sweetly as well”.

The fox told the crow that its colour was so bright and beautiful. He thought that it could sing sweetly as well.

She said to me, “Beware! The road where you are going is full of holes and badly lit.”

She told me that the road was full of holes and very badly lit.

The fox failing to reach the grapes said, “The grapes are sour. l don’t want to eat them”.

The fox failing to reach the grapes said that the grapes were sour so he did not like to eat them.

“What a nuisance! Now we have to do it all over again.” he exclaimed.

We exclaimed regretful that was a great nuisance and they had to do it all over again.

The cats said to the monkey, “Please settle our dispute. We have failed to divide the cake equally among us”.

The cats requested the monkey to settle their dispute. They had failed to divide the cake equally among themselves.

The cats said, “please stop, we shall settle our case ourselves. You have done full justice to the case we asked you to decide”.

The cats requested the monkey to stop. They would settle their case themselves. He had done full justice to the case they had asked him to decide.


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