Foreign Minister Of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi Visited New York On—–?
A. 18 September 2018
B. 20 September 2018
C. 21 September 2018
D. 22 September 2018 (Answer)

Pakistan Has Been Member Of Security Council For—- Times?
A. Seven Times (Answer)
B. Five Times
C. Six Times
D. One Time

Who Is The Current Chairman Of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)?
A. Sulaiman Mehdi (Answer)
B. Jahanzeb Khan
C. Gul Bukhari
D. None

Who Is The Pakistan’s First Female Envoy To Iran—–?
A. Zubaida Jalal
B. Shireen Mazari
C. Riffat Masood (Answer)

For How Many Years KSA Will Place A Deposit Of $3billion To Support Balance Of Payment In Pakistan?
A. 1 Year (Answer)
B. 2 Years
C. 3 Years
D. 4 Years

Which Oil Company Discovered Oil In Chiltan And Moro/ Mughal Kot Formations In Balochistan ?
A. Mari Petroleum Company Limited (Answer)
B. Dewan Petroleum Company Limited
C. Jura Energy Corporation
D. Eastern Tesing Services

Which Country Will Be The ” Guest Of Honour” At China’s Mega Event International Import Expo Which Will Be In November 2018 ?
A. India
C. Russia
D. Pakistan (Answer)

Who Is The Current President Of Engro Corporation ?
A. Gias Khan (Answer)
B. Arif Habib
C. Hassan Nawaz
D. Hussain Nawaz

Who Has Been Appointed First Christian As Advocate General Of Sindh By Sindh Govt?
A. Salman Talibudin (Answer)
B. Murtaza Wahab
C. Barrister Zameer Ghumro
D. None Of These

Who Is The Current Chairman Of Board Of Investment ?
A. Haroon Sharif (Answer)
B. Ishrat Hussain
C. Naeem Haroon
D. Bilal Khokhar

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