According To Recent 2018 Report Compiled By The Education Management Information System (EMIS) —- Percent Girls Quit Primary Schools In Tribal Districts?
A. 79pc (Answer)
B. 89pc
C. 69pc
D. 59pc

For How Many Years Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sentenced To Jail In Al-Azizia Reference On 24 Dec 2018?
A. 3
B. 7 (Answer)
C. 10
D. None Of These

What Is “Triangular Initiative Meeting”. Which Was Recently Held At Islamabad On Dec 11-12-2018?
A. Drug Control (Answer)
B. Sports
C. Education
D. Traveling Facilities

A Meeting Between Afghanistan, Pakistan And Iran Held At Islamabad On Dec 11-12 2018 On Counter-Narcotics Is Called——?
A. Anti Narcotics Meeting
B. Counter Narcotics Meeting
C. Triangular Meeting
D. Triangular Initiative Meeting (Answer)

Which Founding Member Of Pakistan Women Cricket Team Recently Died In Dec 2018?
A. Nida Dar
B. Shazia Khan
C. Sharmeen Khan (Answer)
D. None Of These

Shaikh Rasheed Inaugurated “Rahman Baba Express” Train, It Will Travel From Peshawar To—-?
A. Sukkur
B. Karachi (Answer)
C. Kotri
D. Larkana

Who Is The Current IG Of New Railways Police?
A. Wajid Zia (Answer)
B. Mujeebur Rehman
C. Captain (Retd) Arif Nawaz Khan
D. Muhammad Khalid Khattak

Prime Minister House Of Pakistan Converted Into——-?
A. Islamabad National Muesum
B. Islamabad National University (Answer)
C. Islamabad National Park
D. None Of These

Which Bank Recently Has Proposed A $7.5-Billion Lending Programme For Pakistan For Next Three Years?
A. World Bank
B. ADB (Answer)
C. Islamic Bank

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