The Depth Of Offshore Drilling Kekra-1 For Oil And Gas Was —– ?

A. 8,500 Meters

B. 7,500 Meters

C. 6,500 Meters

D. 5,500 Meters (Answer)

Who Is The Current Federal Minister Of Petroleum Division?

A. Ch. Tariq Bashir Cheema B. Mohammad Shehzad Arbab

C. Umer Ayoob Khan (Answer)

D. Ghulam Sarwar Khan

The Cost Of Offshore Drilling At Kekra-1 Site Karachi Was Estimated At—–?

A. Rs 25bn

B. Rs 20bn

C. Rs 15bn (Answer)

D. Rs 8 Bn

Which Pakistani Soldier Awarded The Dag Hammarskjold Medal By U.N Secretary General António Guterre On 25 May 2019?

A. M. Aslam

B. Naik Muhammad Naeem Raza (Answer)

C. Rashid Khan

D. None Of These

Pakistan Has Contributed Over—– Troops To 46 UN Peacekeeping Mission Over The Last Six Decades?

A. 100,000

B. 200,000 (Answer)

C. 300,000

D. None Of These

Pakistan On 23rd, May 2019 Successfully Conducted A “Training Launch” Of A Ballistic Missile —– Capable Of Carrying Both Nuclear And Conventional Warheads Up To —– Kilometers.

A. Shaheen I , 1,200 Kilometers

B. Shaheen II, 1,500 Kilometers (Answer)

C. Ghori II, 1,800 Kilometers

D. Al. Khalid, 1,300 Kilometers

Saudi Arabia To Give Pakistan $— Billion Oil On Deferred Price From July?

A. $ 3 Billion

B. $ 3.1 Billion

C. $ 3.4 Billion

D. $ 3.2 Billion (Answer)

Which Country Stopped Issuing Visas For All Categories To Pakistanis Recently In May 2019?

A. Bangladesh (Answer)


C. United States

D. India

—– Becomes The First Pakistani Man Climbed 7 Summits In 7 Continents?

A. Sadpara

B. Mirza Ali (Answer)

C. Sultan Mirza

D. None Of These

Federal Minister For Narcotics Control Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar Died On——-?

A. 22nd May 2019

B. 15th April 2019

C. 21st May 2019 (Answer)

D. None Of These

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