Google celebrated its ________ birthday on September 27, 2020?
A. 20th

B. 21st

C. 22nd

D. 23rd

Who is the President of Global Development at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who signed MoU of $200 million to support Ehsas programme?
A. Bill Gates

B. Melinda Gates

C. Dr Chris Elias

D. Susan Desmond-Hellmann

How much amount will be given by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support “Ehsas programme” in Pakistan?
A. $100 million

B. $200 million

C. $300 million

D. $400 million

Former French President Jacques Chirac, who led France from _______ to______, died at the age of 86.
A. 1995 to 2007

B. 1997 to 2005

C. 1990 to 2002

D. 1992 to 2004

Kristalina Georgieva the new managing director IMF has also been served as Cheif Exective of___________?

A. European Bank

B. Asian Bank

C. World Bank

D. City Bank

The new managing director of the IMF “Kristalina Georgieva” belong to which country?
A. Liberia

B. Bulgaria

C. Romenia

D. Germany

Who is the Current Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
A. Willim Robe

B. Robert B Zoelick

C. Kristalina Georgieva

D. None of these

How many Animals perish in Bolivia in recent wildfires?
A. More than 1.3 million

B. More than 2.0 million

C. More than 3.3 million

D. More than 4.3 million

The World’s first Camel hospital is located in __________?
A. Jeddah

B. Tehran

C. Dubai

D. Thar

The 63rd annual Regular Session of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference will be held in______?
A. Turkey

B. Austria

C. India

D. None of above

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