Crypto Tab Browser: A New Way to Explore the World of Crypto

Crypto Tab Browser: A New Way to Explore the World of Crypto 


Crypto Tab is the first browser made for people

who are interested in cryptocurrencies, but do not need to be experts to understand how they work.

It aims to become the first go-to app for people in a new emerging cryptocurrency

market and make their life more comfortable as they explore the world of Crypto. Crypto Tab Browser is currently available in English,

Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese, and will soon be available in more languages. More About the Crypto Tab Browser Crypto Tab is a

very basic browser, but one that has an extra engine inside which makes it run fast and smoothly. The web browser lets you browse the

web with your current online device and not waste data on sending and receiving information.

Crypto Tab Browser
Crypto Tab Browser

Why you should use it

In the same way that HTML and CSS made websites easier and faster to create,

cryptocurrency mining has made it so that cryptocurrency can be mined just about

anywhere—the bus, your mobile, the bus stop or at home on your PC. The results are more immediate and don’t take too long to get, but the

downside is that when one account gets mined you’ll be rewarded with a small amount of currency or Litecoin.

This can be tedious work, so how about something more interesting,

engaging and rewarding—you know, a little something extra? With the CryptoTab browser,

you will be able to use your PC or mobile and mine cryptocurrency. What sets CryptoTab

apart Because CryptoTab is an open-source browser, it is constantly being improved.

Crypto Tab Browser

How to use it

With this Chrome extension, you can browse the web like you do normally and save your winnings in a special wallet.

But then, when you see a crypto-related video, message, or any kind of internet content, you can instantly convert them

into BTC, altcoins, and ETH, depending on the size of the tab’s wallet. Let’s say you want to know more about Bitcoin.

Click on the video. On the right side, you’ll see a panel like the one shown in the picture below.

CryptoTab image gallery So, if your wallet is a 10-byte script, it will display a 10-byte BTC address.

Likewise, if your wallet is a 2-byte script, it will display a 2-byte address.

The menu on the right will also give you information on the amount of BTC you can expect to gain from this tab.

Crypto Tab Browser
Crypto Tab Browser


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are here to stay and they’re now among the world’s most valuable assets.

The great thing about the technology is that anyone, anywhere in the world, can create a digital currency.

That means crypto entrepreneurs in the developing world don’t

have to be limited by low processing power, outdated technology, or high costs. The potential

of the technology is almost limitless, and this digital revolution, which is bringing money to

people in the developing world, is only just beginning. Sharing is caring!


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