The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change aimed at combating

(a) global economic crisis

(b) terrorism

(c) nuclear proliferation

(d) global warming    (Answer)

The Kyoto Protocol was initially adopted on 11 December in Kyoto, Japan

(a) 2001

(b) 1997    (Answer)

(c) 1991

(d) 2006

As of February 2010, states have signed and ratified the Kyoto protocol.

(a) 130

(b) 192

(c) 187    (Answer)

(d) 91

The four greenhouse gases mentioned in the Kyoto Protocol include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and

(a) carbon mono oxide

(b) propane

(c) ammonia

(d) sulphur hexafluoride    (Answer)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has predicted an average global rise in temperature of 1.4°C (2.5°F) to 5.8°C (10.4°F) between 1990 and

(a) 2100    (Answer)

(b) 2000

(c) 2010

(d) 2050

The Kyoto Protocol was opened on 16 March for signature by parties to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

(a) 2000

(b) 1997

(c) 1998    (Answer)

(d) 2003

Which country’s ratification brought the Kyoto Protocol into force?

(a) Australia

(b) Russia    (Answer)

(c) USA

(d) Ireland

Australia ratified the Kyoto Protocol on 3 December 2007 in

(a) Montreal

(b) Bonn

(c) Bali    (Answer)

(d) Marrakech

The most notable non-party to the Kyoto Protocol, USA was responsible for of the 1990 emission levels of greenhouse gases

(a) 15.5%

(b) 25.9%

(C) 30.8%

(d) 36.1%    (Answer)

A country can withdraw its membership to
the Kyoto Protocol by giving months notice.

(a) 3

(b) 12    (Answer)

(c) 6

(d) 8

The target agreed upon in the Kyoto Protocol
was an average CO2 reduction of 5.2% from
1990 levels by the year

(a) 2012    (Answer)

(b) 2010

(c) 2014

(d) 2020

The Kyoto Protocol permits greenhouse gases emission increases of 8% for Australia and for Iceland

(a) 5%

(b) 15%

(c) 20%

(d) 10%    (Answer)

What is the base year for measuring cuts in
greenhouse gases?

(a) 1985

(b) 1990    (Answer)

(C) 1994

(d) 2000

On 11 January, Pakistan submitted its instruments of accession to the Kyoto Protocol

(a) 1999

(b) 2001

(c) 2002

(d) 2005    (Answer)

UN Climate summit was held in December 2009 in
(a) Paris

(b) London

(c) Copenhagen    (Answer)

(d) Washington

_________cabinet met under water October 17, 2009 to draw global attention towards rising sea level.

(a) Maldives    (Answer)

(b) Nepal

(c) Bhutan

(d) Sri Lanka

The 6th meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in_________on
November 29 – December 10, 2010

(a) Austria

(b) Sweden

(c) Slovenia

(d) Mexico    (Answer)

On ________2012 the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ended.

(a) July 31

(b) August 31

(c) December 31    (Answer)

(d) March 31

On December 8, 2012, in the UN Climate Change Conference agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol until 2020.

(a) USA

(b) Qatar    (Answer)

(c) UK

(d) Germany


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