Which of the following cell organelles does not participate in cellular division

Answer. Ribosomes

An animal that consumes only meat or other animals, is called a what?

Answer. Carnivore

The longest bone in the body of human being is

Answer. Femur

The shortest bone in the human body is the

Answer. Stapes

Red blood corpuscles are formed in the

Answer. Bone marrow

Most highly intelligent mammals (except man) are

Answer. Dolphins

What is the main difference between the prokaryote and eukaryote?

Answer. The eukaryote has nucleus and the prokaryote does not

Animals which plants and other animals known as what?

Answer. Omnivores

Bacterial infection in humans treated with what?

Answer. Antibiotics

Which of the following would you not find in a bacterial cell?

Answer. Golgi apparatus

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