Which type of cells has no nucleus?

Answer. Red blood cells

White blood cells are also known as?

Answer. Leucocytes

Red blood cells are also known as?

Answer. Erythrocytes

Erythrocytes, Leucocytes and Platelets collectively constitute nearly how much percent of the blood?

Answer. 45 percent

The first sign of life made its appearance of the earth about

Answer. 3 billion years ago

When the earth was formed it had an atmosphere with

Answer. Water vapor, ammonia and methane

Biochemical origin of life was discovered by

Answer. Opsin

A group of cells that work together to perform a function is called what?

Answer. Tissue

Which of the following terms is not a category for biological classification?

Answer. Composition

Fungi absorbs the nutrients from dead organisms. In the animal kingdom the, fungi are known as what?

Answer. Decomposers

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