Cell was for the first time discussed by __________________.

(A) Watson

b)  Schwann

C) Crick

D) none of these(Answer)

_______ to ________of the human body consists of water

(A) 40 to 60

B) 50 to 70

C) 65 to 75

D) 50 to 75(Answer)

It is recommended that teens drink ____ to ____ glasses of water each day.

(A) 2 to 4

B)  4 to 6

C) 6 to 8  (Answer)

D) 5 to 7

____________ of the earth’s surface is water.

(A) 70%

B)  65%

C) 75% (Answer)

D) 80%

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the ratio ________.

(A) 1:2

B)  1:1

C) 2:1  (Answer)

D) none of these

An Acid is a substance which, when dissolved in water, releases___________.

(A) H+   (Answer)

B)  OH –

C) Alkaline

D) none of these

The hydrogen ion is called ___________.

(A) Electron

B) Bases

C) Proton(Answer)

D) Acids

A _______is a substance that releases OH-or hydroxyl ions when added to water.

(A) Acids

B) Bases (Answer)

C) Alkaline

D) Both b and c

Each pH unit represents a factor of _______ difference greater in [H+].

(A) 20 times

B) 10 times (Answer)

C) 30 times

D) none of these

___________ are used for the maintenance of pH.

(A) Buffer(Answer)

B) water

C) Hydrogen

D) Hydroxyl ions

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