Cell wall consist of

(A) One main layer

(B) Two main layers

(C) Three main layers (Answer)

(D) Four main layers

In which organelle following reaction takes place 6CO2 + 6 H2O + energy (from sunlight) ———> C6H12O6 + 6 O2

(A) Mitochondrion

(B) Peroxisome

(C) Chloroplast(Answer)

(D) Glyoxysome

SER is abundant in cells that are involved in

(A) Lipid metabolism(Answer)

(B) Protein metabolism

(C) Glucose metabolism

(D) Calcium metabolism

The door to your house is like the __________________ of a cell membrane?

(A) Phospholipid bilayer (Answer)

(B) Integral protein

(C) Recognition protein

(D) Peripheral protein

Within chloroplasts, light is captured by

(A) Grana within cisternae

(B) Thylakoids within grana(Answer)

(C) Cisternae within grana

(D) Grana within thylakoids

Which of the following correctly matches an organelle with its function?

(A) Mitochondrion . . . photosynthesis

(B) Nucleus . . . cellular respiration

(C) Ribosome . . . manufacture of lipids

(D) Central vacuole . . . storage(Answer)

The microfilaments composed of

(A) Actin protein(Answer)

(B) Gelatin protein

(C) Keratin protein

(D) Tubulin protein

Which of the following would you NOT find in a bacterial cell?


(B) Cell membrane

(C) Golgi apparatus(Answer)

(D) Ribosomes

According to mosaic model by Singer and Nicholson plasma membrane is composed of

(A) Phospholipids

(B) Extrinsic proteins

(C) Intrinsic proteins

(D) All of these(Answer)

Basic solutions are also called as ____________.

(A) Proton

B) Doner

C) Alkaline(Answer)

D) Both a and b

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