Milk is deficient in which vitamins

(A)Vitamin C (Answer)

(B) Vitamin A

(C) Vitamin B2

(D) Vitamin K

HDL is synthesized and secreted from

(A) Pancreas

(B) Liver (Answer)

(C) Kidney

(D) Muscle

Which one is the heaviest particulate component of the cell?


(B) Mitochondria

(C) Cytoplasm

(D) Golgi apparatus

The most active site of protein synthesis is the


(B) Ribosome(Answer)

(C) Mitochondrion

(D) Cell sap

The fatty acids can be transported into and out of mitochondria through

(A) Active transport

(B) Facilitated transfer (Answer)

(C) Non-facilitated transfer

(D) None of these

Which one is the largest particulate of the cytoplasm?

(A) Lysosomes

(B) Mitochondria (Answer)

(C) Golgi apparatus

(D) Entoplasmic reticulum

Mitochondrial DNA is

(A) Circular double stranded(Answer)

(B) Circular single stranded

(C) Linear double helix

(D) None of these

The average pH of Urine is

(A) 0

(B) 6.0(Answer)

(C) 8.0

(D) 5.0

The ability of the cell membrane to act as a selective barrier depends upon

(A) The lipid composition of the membrane

(B) The pores which allows small molecules

(C) The special mediated transport systems

(D) All of these(Answer)

Carrier protein can

(A) Transport only one substance

(B) Transport more than one substance

(C) Exchange one substance to another

(D) Perform all of these functions (Answer)

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