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Basic Computer MCQs


Basic Computer MCQs Collection

Which of the following is not a programming language?
(c) LASER     (Answer)
(e) All are programming languages

The technical term is not related to computer systems.
(a) Virus

(b) Winchester Disk

(c) Mouse

(d) FIFO System     (Answer)

‘Foxpro’ is
(a) A medicine

(b) A disease

(c) A computer language     (Answer)

(d) An animal

Super Computer was invented by
(a) J. H. Van Tassel     (Answer)

(b) J. C. Perier

(c) W. L. Judson

(d) A. J. Garnerin

Which of the following terms is not associated with computers?
(a) Frankland reaction     (Answer)

(b) Database

(c) Binary

(d) Windows

The special files of DOS are
(a) COM
(b) EXE
(d) All of these     (Answer)

“Binary Codes” as used in computer sciences are codes made up of which of the following two numbers?
(a) O and 9
(b) 1 and 3
(c) 0 and 1     (Answer)
(d) 9 and 1

Bill Gates is more well-known as
(a) The CEO of Apple Macintosh
(b) The CEO of IBM
(c) The owner of Microsoft Corporation     (Answer)
(d) The inventor of the personal computer

Which of the following is the unit to express the memory of a computer?
(a) Compiler
(b) Bus
(c) Byte     (Answer)
(d) Clone
(e) CAD

Which one of the following characteristics is absent in a computer, however sophisticated it may be?
(a) High speed

(b) Intelligence     (Answer)

(c) Accuracy

(d) Perfect Memory

FORTRAN a computer programming language is mainly used for
(a) Business applications

(b) Scientific Research     (Answer)

(c) Word Processing

(d) Tabulation


(a) The inter-state network of the power grid
(b) Computer based databank and communication highway     (Answer)
(c) International network of narcotic smugglers
(d) An organization under the UN

Which was the first company in the world to manufacture computers for commercial use?
(a) Remington Rand     (Answer) 

(b) IBM

(c) Hewlett-Packard

(d) Apple Computers

By what name the international computer giant IBM was known before the year 1924?
(a) International Tabulating Machines
(b) International Computer Corp
(c) Computer Tabulating & Recording Company     (Answer)
(d) Remington Rand

Which of the following computers was the first to use the concept of stored programs?
(a) Mark     (Answer)
(d) UNIVAC-1

Which company was the first to distribute mouse as a standard component with personal computers?
(a) Apple Computer      (Answer)

(b) IBM

(c) HP

(d) Compaq

Which Intel microprocessor started the PC revolution?
(a) 4004
(b) 8008
(c) 8086
(d) 8088     (Answer)

Intel is the largest largest manufacturer of microprocessor. What does the name “Intel” stand for?
(a) International Electricals
(b) International Electronics
(c) Integrated Electronics     (Answer)
(d) Integrated Electricals

Computing power is measured in MIPS. What does the letters in it stand for?
(a) Million Integrated Circuits per Square inch
(b) Mega Instructions per Second
(c) Million Instructions per Second     (Answer)
(d) Minimum Instructions per second

Till date how many generations of computers have been developed?
(a) 3
(b) 4
(C) 5     (Answer)
(d) 6

A single worksheet contains

(a) 65536 columns

(b) 256 columns     (Answer)

(c) 2365 rows

(d) None


PC (personal computer) was originally a trade name of

(a) IBM     (Answer)

(b) Apple Computers

(c) Hewlett-Packard

(d) Remington Rand

GW-BASIC is one of the earlier version of BASIC. What does GW stand for?

(a) Gates, William

(b) Great Work

(c) Good Wordprocessor

(d) Gee Whiz     (Answer)

In 1971, he put together all the elements of a computer processor on a single chip slightly larger than one square inch. The result of his efforts was the Intel 4004, the world’s first commercially available microprocessor. Who was he?

(a) Steve Wozniak

(b) Steve Jobs

(c) Bob Metcalf

(d) Dr Ted Hoff     (Answer)

The power of a super computer is measured in terms of:

(a) MIPS (Million Instructions per Second)

(b) BIPS (Billion Instructions per Second)

(C) TIPS (Trillion Instructions per Second)

(d) FLOPS (Floating Point Operations per Second)     (Answer)

Which was the first truly electronic computer?
(a) ENIAC     (Answer)

In Internet etiquette, typing in all capital letters is considered rude. Why?

(a) It is stressful on the eyes

(b) It looks ugly

(c) It consumes more memory

(d) It is like shouting     (Answer)

A computer virus is actually
(a) A small malicious program written in machine language     (Answer)
(b) Microorganism which develops on floppy diskette if left unused for a long time
(c) Micro organisms which develop on the hard disk
(d) A human virus which make human beings computer addicts

Who created World Wide Web (WWW)?
(a) Ward Christensen

(b) Marcian Hoff

(c) Tim Berner     (Answer)

(d) Robert Noyce

The first sentence uttered by Neil Armstrong upon reaching moon in 1969 was, “One small step for man, a giant step for the mankind.” These words came through on which make of transponder?
(a) Motorola     (Answer)

(b) General Dynamics

(c) NASA

(d) Nokia


What is the name of the computer virus which originated from Lahore, Pakistan in January 1986 and which can infect only 5.25 inch floppies?
(a) Den Zuk Virus
(b) Brain virus     (Answer)
(c) Zero bug virus
(d) Piel virus

A hard disk becomes totally inaccessible when a computer virus corrupts its:
(a) Partition table     (Answer)
(b) File Allocation Table (FAT)
(c) Route directory
(d) Boot sector

What is the name of the professor who coined the name virus for self-replicating programs?
(a) John von Neumann

(b) Ken Thompson

(c) John Mcafee

(d) Fred Cohen     (Answer)

Microprocessors were introduced first time in
(a) 2nd generation computers
(b) 3rd generation computers
(c) 5th generation computers
(d) 4th generation computers     (Answer)

Our personal computer belongs to
(a) 2nd generation of computers
(b) 3rd generation of computers
(c) 4th generation of computers     (Answer)
(d) None of these

An optical device was used in which of the following computers for the first time.
(a) 3rd generation computers 013
(b) 15 generation computers 203
(c) Microcomputer generation     (Answer)
(d) No computer generation as yet

The idea of computers with thinking power was initiated in
(a) 5th generation computers     (Answer)
(b) 4th generation computers
(c) No computer generation supports that idea
(d) 3rd generation computers

Hybrid computer is
(a) An analog computer
(b) A digital computer
(c) Pascal calculator
(d) Combination of analog and digital computer     (Answer)

The interface between user and computer is
(a) Programming     (Answer)

(b) Hardware

(c) Memory

(d) Microprocessor

BASIC stands for
(a) Basic Assembly Symbols for Instruction Code
(b) Beginner’s Assembler Symbols for Interpreter Code
(c) Basic Assembler System for Instruction Compilation
(d) Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code     (Answer)


The input for a compiler is

(a) Object code

(b) Source program     (Answer)

(c) Machine language

(d) Assembler

The output of a compiler is
(a) Object code     (Answer)

(b) Source program

(c) Machine language

(d) Assembler

The input of an interpreter is
(a) Object code

(b) Source program

(c) Machine language

(d) Program statement     (Answer)

The capacity of computer bus depends upon
(a) Capacity of CPU

(b) Capacity of the microprocessor

(c) The number of data lines it contains     (Answer)

(d) The system software

Computer buses are as
(a) Data and control

(b) Address and data

(c) Address, data and control     (Answer)

(d) There is no concept of buses in computer system

A bus with 32 data line can transport how many bits at a time
(a) 8 bits
(b) 16 bits
(C) 1024 bits
(d) 32 bits     (Answer)

A group of parallel wires which provides
electrical path between CPU, memory and
other devices is called
(a) Processing (b) Input devices
(c) BUS     (Answer)
(d) Software


The link between I/O devices and system
board is provided by
(a) Main memory
(b) Secondary memory
(c) Port     (Answer)
(d) Communication software

The peripheral devices used
devices used to get
information for the omputer are called
(a) Simple devices (b) Hardware devices
(c) Output device      (Answer)

(d) Digital device

WORM stands for
(a) Write once read many     (Answer)
(b) Writable on ROM
(c) Writer of Random Memory
(d) Writer of Read only Memory

Which of the tracks of hard disk does not
contain data?
(a) Every track contains data
(b) The middle track
(c) Each alternating track of the hard disk
(d) The top and bottom track     (Answer)

Which one of the followings is referred to as
“volatile memory”?
(a) Read-only memory

(b) Random-access memory     (Answer)

(c) Flash memory

(d) Cache memory

The surface of a hard disk is logically divided


(a) Firmware


(c) Physically marking tracks

(d) Pie-shaped sectors     (Answer)

The capacity of a hard disk depends upon


(a) High-speed motor

(b) Movement of read/write head

(c) Complexity of software

(d) Number of disk platters stacked     (Answer)

The Involution law says that double complementation has

(a) Positive effect

(b) Absorption effect

(c) Addition effect

(d) Cancellation effect     (Answer)

The interface provided by a matrix of row and

column to manipulate with numeric data is


(a) Spreadsheet     (Answer)

(b) Word Processor

(c) Database Management Software

(d) Graphic

The software that are enhancement of a

single package are called

(a) Horizontal Integration

(b) Vertical Integration     (Answer)

(c) Operating System

(d) DOS

The software that behaves like a traffic police


(a) Fly a simulated jeta

(b) Sherlock Homes mystery

(c) Operating System     (Answer)

(d) Vertical Integration


Which software controls basic I/O device?

(a) Device Driver (b) Anti-Virus tool kit

(c) Business Software (d) Operating System     (Answer)

Which of the following information is not

given by DIR command?

(a) Date of the file (b) Time of the file

(c) Path of the file     (Answer)

(d) Data of the file

CLS command has which of the following


(a) [path]

(b) [file name]

(c) [file name, ext, path)

(d) None of these     (Answer)

An easiest file management model is

(a) Windows Explorer (b) My Briefcase

(c) My Computer     (Answer)

(d) Your Computer

The Inputs for analysis are

(a) Coding

(b) Design

(c) Algorithm

(d) Program requirements and specifications     (Answer)

An Algorithm is

(a) Generic type     (Answer)

(b) Language specific

(c) For analysis (d) None of the above

Which of the following option does not

require the selection of the text:

(a) Paragraph formatting

(b) Spell Check     (Answer)

(c) Text Formatting

(d) Colouring the text

Which of the following layout doesn’t display

footer and header?

(a) Page layout (b) Print layout

(c) Web layout (d) Normal     (Answer)

Ted Hoff Produced the first microcomputer

named as.

(a) 1001     (Answer)

(b) 3003

(C) 2002

(d) 4004

LISP is a programming language for

(a) Artificial Intelligence     (Answer)

(b) Graphics

(c) Mathematics

(d) Logos


1 KB is equal to:

(a) 1000 bytes (b) 210 bytes     (Answer)

(c) 220 bytes

(d) 230 bytes


Cache memory is:

(a) Faster than the Main Memory

(b) Slower than the Main Memory

(c) Smaller than the Main Memory

(d) a and c     (Answer)

The famous Silicon Valley is situated in

which state of USA.

(a) California     (Answer)

(b) New York

(C) Ohio

(d) New Jersy

The first computer virus was created in the

1970s at

(a) Bell Laboratories     (Answer)

(b) IBM

(c) AT and T Lab (d) DEC

What is the name of the computer virus

which affects computer programmes written

in Java?

(a) Strange Brew     (Answer)

(b) Friday Virus

(c) Ping Pong (d) Smart dog

Mostly Web address begins with “http”. What

do the letters stand for?

(a) Hyper Text Transfer Program

(b) High level Text Transfer Program

(c) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol     (Answer)

(d) High Level Text Transfer Protocol

Microsoft launched which of its popular

products in a submarine before a team of


(a) MS-DOS

(b) MS Office

(c) Windows 95     (Answer)

(d) Internet Explorer

In 1980, IBM chose which company to

provide the operating system for


upcoming PC?

(a) Microsoft     (Answer)

(b) Apple Computers

(c) Bell Labs

(d) Santa Cruz Operations

Which company launched the geostationary

communication satellite Telstra?

(a) Motorola

(b) AT and T     (Answer)

(c) NASA

(d) Sprint

In 1969, seven USA universities developed a

decentralised network called Arpanet under

Advanced Research Project. The network,

designed to survive nuclear attack, led to the

development of the internet. Who funded

Arpanet in 1969?

(a) NASA     (Answer)

(b) US Army

(c) IBM

(d) CIA

Which famous computer company was born

in a garage at 367, Addison Avenue?

(a) IBM

(b) DEC

(c) Hewlett Packard     (Answer)

(d) Compaq


When IBM announced an idea for a new kind

of business software, he saw golden

opportunity in it and borrowed the idea and

turned it into a product before IBM did. Who

is he?

(a) Larry Ellison     (Answer)

(b) Peter Norton

(c) Mike Wilson

(d) Bill Gates

The term “cyberspace’ refers to networked

digital environments, especially advanced

systems that produce an illusion of reality.

Who coined this term?

(a) Thomas Watson (b) Bill Gates

(c) William Gibson      (Answer)

(d) Steven Spielberg

Which personal computer has been named

after a popular variety of apples in USA?

(a) Compaq Presario (b) Dell

(c) Vintron

(d) Macintosh     (Answer)

A Terabyte represents about

(a) 1 quadrillion bytes (b) 1 trillion bytes     (Answer)

(c) 1 billion bytes (d) 1 million bytes

A Digitizer uses a mouse like copying device


(a) Puck     (Answer)

(b) Push

(c) Pop

(d) Paste

A bit can be

(a) 1 and o

(b), 1 or 0     (Answer)

(c) 1 only

(d) O only

1 byte consists of

(a) 4 bits

(b) 8 bits     (Answer)

(c) 16 bits

(d) 32 bits

Laser beam technology is used in one of the


(a) Monitors

(b) Magnetic Disk

(c) Optical Disks     (Answer)

(d) Mouse

For printing of large drawings and images we


(a) Laser printer

(b) Plotter     (Answer)

(c) Line printer (d) Dot matrix printer

Network topologies are categorized into the

following basic types

(a) Bus, Ring

(b) Star, Tree

(c) Mesh

(d) All of the above     (Answer)


A network that covers small geographic area

or single or group of buildings is called

(a) WAN     (Answer)

(b) LAN

(c) Bridge

(d) Gateway

A device which connects multiple nodes to

the network is

(a) A modem

(b) A Hub     (Answer)

(c) A repeater (d) A router

What does ISDN stands for?

(a) International Service Data Network

(b) International Service Digital Network

(c) Integrated Service Data Network

(d) Integrated Service Digital Network     (Answer)

Which one is not network topology?

(a) Star

(b) Ring

(c) Circle     (Answer)

(d) Bus

SNA stands for

(a) Simple Network Adapter

(b) System Network Architecture     (Answer)

(c) System Network Application

(d) Small Network Application

SNA is an example of

(a) De Jure Protocol

(b) De Facto Protocol     (Answer)

(c) Network organization

(d) None

The most common protocol used in WAN is

(a) Ethernet

(b) X.25     (Answer)

(c) IEEE

(d) ISO

A Search Engine is

(a) A software to search for engines

(b) A device search for motor engine

(c) A website that sells products and services

(d) A website that look through databases for matching criteria     (Answer)

Microwave and Communication Satellite are
examples of
(a) Guided
(b) Un-guided     (Answer)
(c) Simplex
(d) Router

The voice channel has a bandwidth of
(a) 0-2 KHz (b) 0 – 4 KHz     (Answer)
(c) 5-10 KHZ (d) 10 – 20 KHz

Bar Codes symbols are read by bar-code
reader by using
(a) Photoelectric Scanner     (Answer)
(b) Printer
(c) Keyboard
(d) Mouse


An Electronic Banking is also known as
(a) Cyber-banking     (Answer)

(b) Commercial banking
(c) Circular banking (d) Credit banking

OA stands for
(a) Official Appliance (b) Office Automation     (Answer)
(c) Official Assistant (d) None of above

Document Management System (DMS)
(a) Word Processing (b) Desktop publishing
(c) Reprographic (d) All of the above     (Answer)

MICR stands for
(a) Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
(b) Magnetic Ink Character Reader     (Answer)
(c) Modern Industry Computer Research
(d) Magic In Copy Redo

1 nibble contains
(a) 8 bits
(b) 6 bits
(c) 4 bits     (Answer)
(d) 16 bits

The Address bus is
(a) Unidirectional     (Answer)

(b) Multidirectional

(c) Bi-directional

(d) No direction

Suitable ports for computer is
(a) Serial ports

(b) Parallel ports

(c) USB port

(d) All of the above     (Answer)

The famous virus is,
(a) Sunday 12

(b) Monday 10

(c) Friday 13     (Answer)

(d) Saturday 11

Dr. Solomon and McAfee are popular
(a) Virus

(b) Operating System

(c) Dr’s name

(d) Anti-virus     (Answer)

The software that are available free of cost is called

(a) Shareware

(b) Hardware

(c) Freeware     (Answer)

(d) Openware


FAST stands for
(a) Federation against software teaching
(b) Federation against science teaching
(c) Federation against software theft     (Answer)
(d) Formula application system technology

The shortcut key for renaming file and folder

(a) F3

(b) F4

(c) F1

(d) F2     (Answer)

The shortcut key to delete a file without sending to Recycle Bin is

(a) Ctrl + Alt + Del

(b) Ctrl + Del

(c) Shift + Del     (Answer)

(d) Alt + Del

Which is not High Level Language?


(b) C++

(c) Assembly     (Answer)

(d) Pascal

The fastest type of computer memory is

(a) Cache     (Answer)

(b) Flash

(c) Hard Disk

(d) ROM

The program used to browse disks, folder and files is called

(a) Accessories

(b) Recycle Bin

(c) My Network Places

(d) Explorer     (Answer)

The latest computer is called

(a) Pentium

(b) XT

(C) AT

(d) 386 DX

A combination of 16 bits is called

(a) Bit-tbit

(b) Byte

(C) Nibble

(d) Word      (Answer)

The Unit that control all parts of computer is

(a) CPU

(b) CU     (Answer)

(c) ALU

(d) Register

1024 bytes equal to

(a) One Kilo bytes     (Answer)

(b) One Mega byte

(c) One Giga byte

(d) One Tera byte


What is an organization’s introductory web page called?

(a) Postal

(b) Vortal

(c) Home page     (Answer)

(d) Website


(a) A famous computer brand

(b) An airlines of Singapore

(c) An internet search engine     (Answer)

(d) A British news agency

Which country’s people use more internet

(a) America

(b) Japan

(c) India

Largest search engine of the internet is

(a) Google

(b) MSN

(c) Yahoo

(d) TAN

Second largest search engine of the internet

(a) Google

(b) Yahoo     (Answer)

(c) MSN

(d) TAN

Internet is mostly used for

(a) Chat

(b) Business

(c) E-mail     (Answer)

(d) Application

Which country has more computers in the world

(a) America     (Answer)

(b) Japan

(C) China

(d) India

Name of the great Muslim scientist who was considered as one of the founders of computer

(a) Al Khawarizmi     (Answer)

(b) Zakerya

(c) Abu Yousaf

(d) Abn-i-Rushad

Name of the owner of the microsoft computer


(a) Bill Clinton

(b) Dick Cheney

(C) Bill Gates     (Answer)

(d) None of above

Which is the biggest company of the computers in the world

(a) Dell

(b) H.P.

(c) Comapct

(d) IBM     (Answer)


Which is the biggest company of Computer software in the world

(a) Google

(b) Yahoo

(c) Microsoft     (Answer)

(d) MSN

Algol, Basic, Cobal, 4GL, 3GL, Java, Pascal,

C, C++ and VB are all

(a) Computer companies

(b) Computer’s books

(c) Computer languages     (Answer)

(d) Computer websites

ROM stands for

(a) Read Only Memory     (Answer)

(b) Read Over Memory

(c) Read of Memory

(d) Ride Over Memory

RAM stands for

(a) Read After Memory

(b) Random Access Memory

(c) Read All Memory

(d) Random After Memory

CPU stands for

(a) Car Pressure UNit

(b) Central Pressure UNit

(c) Car Power Unit

(d) Central Processing Unit     (Answer)

Alan Mathison Turing and John Von Neumann are related with

(a) Computer     (Answer)

(b) Chemsitry

(c) Physics

(d) Film Industry

Time required for a computer to locate and transfer data is called

(a) Analogue time

(b) Basic time

(c) Starting time

(d) Access time     (Answer)

A device which encodes character by the depression of keys is known as

(a) Printer

(b) Keyboard     (Answer)

(c) Mouse

(d) Hard Drive

The area inside a computer frame and auxiliary storage where date and instructions are stored is called

(a) Memory     (Answer)

(b) Interpreter

(c) Recorder

(d) Hopper

An extremely small piece of silicon on which integrated circuits are implicated is called

(a) Chip     (Answer)

(b) Card reader

(c) Feed

(d) Hotlerith Code


ROM stands for

(a) Read Off Memory

(b) Right Of Memory

(c) Roam On Memory

(d) Read Only Memory     (Answer)

A byte is a group of how many bits?

(a) 8     (Answer)

(b) 10

(c) 12

(d) 16

SIMM stands for

(a) Super Inex Medium Module

(b) Single Inline Memory Module     (Answer)

(c) Seven Inside Memory Module

(d) Single Intel Memory Module

Four bibles are equal to how may Bytes? * 1bible= 4bits

(a) 2     (Answer)

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 6

Which is the smallest unit of memory?

(a) Bit     (Answer)

(b) Byte

(c) Kilobyte

(d) Gigabyte

One kilobyte is equal to how many Bytes?

(a) 1075

(b) 1024     (Answer)

(c) 1000

(d) 950

One Megabyte is equal to how many Kilobytes?

(a) 1024     (Answer)

(b) 1200

(c) 1180

(d) 940

What is internet terminology. does SMTP stand for?

(a) Small Module Transfer Protocol

(b) Slow Movement Transfer Protocol

(c) Simple Module Train Protocol

d) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol     (Answer)

What is internet terminology, does FTP stand?

(a) First Transfer Post

(b) File Transfer Protocol     (Answer)

(c) Film Transfer Port

(d) Forward Transfer Protocol

Who invented the digital computer?

(a) Thomas Savery

(b) Howard Alken     (Answer)

(c) James Watt

(d) Percy Spencer


A smaller, faster memory which stores copies of data from the most frequently used main memory locations is known as

(a) Hard Dirve

(b) Bus

(c) Circuit

(d) CPU cache     (Answer)

Process of locating and fixing or bypassin errors in computer program code or is called

(a) Debugging     (Answer)

(b) Defusing

(C) Defragmenting

(d) Defrosting


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