Qno91. Symphysis pubis is an example of
a) Plane joints
b) Fibrous joints
c) Cartiligenous joints✅
d) None of above

Qno92. Only Rotation is possible in
a) Acromioclavicular joints
b) Manubrium sterni
c) Symphsis pubis
d) Atlanoaxial joint✅

Qno93. A layer of flat broad tendons supplied by blood by blood vessels is called
a) Facia
b) Flexor retinaculum
c) Extensor retinaculum
d) Aponeurosis✅

Qno94. Which is the deeply penetrating structure of skin
a) Superficial fascia
b) Deep fascia
c) Sweat gland✅
d) Sebaceous gland

Qno95. Medium size deep arteries accompanied by two veins
a) Venous plexus
b) Venae comitantes✅
c) Sinusoids
d) Tributaries

Qno96. Ulnar artery lies between the tendons of
a) Flexor carpi radialislongus and extensor digitorumsuperficialis
b) Flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorumsuperficilis✅
c) Both (i) and (ii)
d) None of above

QNo97. A patient came to physiotherapy department. During history taking patient told physiotherapist that during RTA he had a sudden blow to the shoulder. After assessment you came to know that C5 and C6 nerve root was tore. Which of following nerves according to brachial plexus is injured.
a) Suprascapular nerve
b) Nerve to subclavius
c) Dorsal scapular nerve
d) All of above✅

Qno98. A patient came to physiotherapy OPD with baseball blow to the posterior of neck. This blow creates sudden pressure on posterior triangle of neck. After assessment you came to know that patient is unable to rotate the scapula during movement of abduction. According to your assessment which nerve is damaged and which muscle its supplies.
a) Thoracodorsal nerve, latismmusdorsi
b) Axillary nerve, Deltoid
c) Long thoracic nerve, serratus anterior
d) Dorsal scapular nerve, Rhomboid major✅

Qno99. A patient came to physiotherapy department. Gave you the history that last week he had a sprain in ankle. So physician advised him to used crutches. But after using crutches he found significant weakness in abduction of arm. Also unable to flex, extend, medially and laterally rotate arm. Name the nerve. It is to inform you that this nerve arises from posterior cord of brachial plexuses.
a) Upper and lower subscapular nerves
b) Thoracodorasal nerve’
c) Axillary nerve✅
d) Radial nerve

Qno100. This nerve originates from posterior cord of brachial plexus. It supplies subsacpularis muscle and also supplies teres major muscle. Name the nerve
a) Lateral and Medial pectoral nerve
b) Upper and Lower✅ Subscapular nerve
c) Musculocutaneous nerve
d) None of above

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