Qno81. All are the contents of cubital fossa except
a) Median nerve
b) Bifurcation of brachial artery
c) Tendon of bicep muscle
d) Radial nerve ( superficial branch)✅

Qno82. The termination of spinal cord forms bundles of nerves known as
a) Sacrum
b) Coccyx
c) Caudaequina✅
d) None of above

Qno83 the outer part of shaft of bone is covered by connective tissue known as
a) Epipheasal cartilage
b) Metaphysis
c) Diaphysis
d) Periosteum✅

Qno84. Largest sesamoid bone is ———— and located in ———–
a) Pelvis, quardricepfemoris
b) Tibia, hamstring
c) Patella, quadriceps femoris✅
d) Fibula, quardicepfemoris

Qno85. The cell bodies of nerve fibres are situated in a swelling on posterior root called as
a) Anterior root ganglion
b) Posterior root ganglion ✅
c) Anterior root
d) Posterior root

Qno86. Laterally cubital fossa is bounded by
a) Brachilais
b) Brachioradilais✅
c) Biceps
d) Brachial artery

Qno87. On emerging from foramen the spinal nerve divides into
a) Anterior and posterior root
b) Anterior and posterior ganglion
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Anterior and posterior ramus ✅

Qno88. Lymphatic vessels are found everywhere in body except
a) CNS
b) Eye ball
c) Epidermis of skin
d) All of above ✅

Qno89. Sutures of skull classified into which joint type
a) Pivot joints
b) Saddle joints
c) Condyloid joints
d) Fibrous joints✅

Qno90. The joints whose articular surfaces are flat or almost flat and permits sliding
a) Hinge joints
b) Plane joints✅
c) Pivot joints
d) Saddle joints

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