Qno71. All are the contents of axilla except
a) Axillary artery and its branches
b) Axillary vein and its tributaries
c) Lymph vessels and lymph nodes
d) Shoulder joint ✅

Qno72. It is a strong sheet of connective tissue that is attached above to clavicle
a) Thoracolumbar facia
b) Suspensory ligament
c) Clavipectoral fascia✅
d) None of above

Qno73. The key muscle in axilla is
a) Pectrolis minor✅
b) Pectrolis major
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of above

Qno74. All are the branches of brachial artery except
a) Nutrient artery
b) Profunda artery
c) Superior radial collateral artery✅
d) Inferior ulnar collateral artery

Qno75. Brachial artery begins at the lower border of
a) Teres minor
b) Teres major✅
c) Rohmboid major
d) None of above

Qno76. Axillary lymph nodes are arranged in
a) 5 groups
b) 6 groups✅
c) 7 groups
d) 8 groups

Qno77. Infraclavicular group of axillary lymph nodes lies in groove between
a) Deltoid and pectoralis minor
b) Deltoid and pectoralis major✅
c) Both (i) and (ii)
d) None of above

Qno78. Apical node drain into
a) Thoracic duct
b) Right lymph trunk
c) Subclavian lymph trunk ✅
d) All of the above

Qno79. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves out which 8 lies in
a) Thoracic
b) Sacral
c) Cervical ✅
d) Coccygeal

Qno80. In adults the spinal cord ends at
a) Upper border of 1st lumbar vertebra
b) Lower border of 2nd lumbar vertebra
c) Lower border of 1st lumbar vertebra✅
d) Upper border of 2nd lumbar vertebra

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