61. The sarcoplasm skeletal muscle fiber contain variable amount of protein called?
a. Hemoglobin
b. Myoglobin✅
c. Albumin
d. Globulin
e. C reactive protein

62. The four vertebrae fused together to form a small triangular bone called?
a. Sacrum
b. Coccyx✅
c. Hilum
d. Scapula
e. Skull

63. Shaft of the long bone is also called?
a. Epiphysis
b. Diaphysis✅
c. Metaphysis
d. Medullary cavity
e. All of above

64. Base of the heart is mainly consisting of?
a. Right atrium
b. Left atrium✅
c. Right ventricle
d. Left ventricle
e. Diaphragmatic surface

65. Apex of the heart is formed by left ventricle & present at?
a. 3rd intercostal space
b. 4th intercostal space
c. 5th intercostal space✅
d. 6th intercostal space
e. 7th intercostal space

66. How many borders are present at the heart?
a. 3✅
b. 4
c. 2
d. 5
e. 1

67. Anterior (sternocostal) surface is formed mainly by the?
a. Right atrium & right ventricle✅
b. Right ventricle
c. Left ventricle
d. Apex of the heart
e. Base of the heart

68. Dilated part of the alimentary canal between the esophagus and small intestine called?
a. Esophagus
b. Colon
c. Stomach✅
d. Rectum
e. Jejunum

69. The specimens are obtained from human and animal bodies fixed in special chemicals embedded in appropriate material cut into thin slices known as?
a. Microscopic anatomy
b. Macroscopic anatomy
c. Cytology
d. Histology✅
e. Developmental anatomy

70. The bony tissues are present in an interlaced pattern of tissues consisting of an irregular meshwork of intercommunicating bony tubercle called?
a. Compact bone tissue
b. Spongy bone tissue✅
c. Osteons

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