51. Projection or outgrowths that form joints or serve as attachment points for ligaments and tendon is?
a. Process
b. Trochanter
c. Tuberosity
d. Tubercle
e. Condyle✅

52. Human skull consist of?
a. 8 bones
b. 22 bones✅
c. 33 bones
d. 26 bones
e. 14 bones

53. An immovable joint that holds most skull bones together is?
a. Ball & socket joint
b. Ellipsoid joint
c. Saddle joint
d. Suture✅
e. Hinge joint

54. Thoracic cage is made up of all except?
a. Thoracic vertebrae
b. Sternum
c. Ribs
d. Clavicle✅
e. Costal cartilage

55. A muscular tube that extends from the kidney to the posterior surface of the bladder is?
a. Ureter✅
b. Urinary bladder
c. Uterine tubes
d. Epididymis
e. Seminal vesicles

56. The out pouching of the testis is?
a. Omenta
b. Tunica albuginea
c. Rete testis
d. Scrotum✅
e. Ductus deferens

57. A firm structure lying posterior to the testis, with the vas deferens lying on its medial side is?
a. Omenta
b. Epididymis ✅
c. Tunica albuginea
d. Rete testis
e. Scrotum

58. A fibromuscular glandular organ that surrounds the prostatic urethra is?
a. Tunica albuginea
b. Rete testis
c. Scrotum
d. Prostate gland✅
e. Epididymis

59. The human body contains skeletal muscles is?
a. 500
b. 600✅
c. 400
d. 300
e. 700

60. Cytoplasm of each muscle fiber is called?
a. Sarcolemma
b. Sarcoplasm✅
c. Myofibrils
d. Myofilaments
e. Cross striations

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