21. A thin serous membrane that lines the  clothes the viscera and pelvic cavities and walls of the abdominal is known as?
a. Omenta
b. Mesentery
c. Peritoneum✅
d. mesoappendix
e. None of above

22. Largest gland in the body is
a. Pituitary
b. Thymus
c. Thyroid
d. Liver✅
e. None of above

23. A special term refers to anterior surface of the hand known as
a. Planter
b. Palmer✅
c. Ventral
d. Caudal
e. Cephalic

24. The upper part of sternum called
a. Xiphoid process
b. Body of sternum
c. Manubrium✅
d. Linea alba
e. Clavicle

25. The upper seven pairs are attached anterior to the sternum by their costal cartilages called
a. False ribs
b. True ribs✅
c. Floating ribs
d. Vertebrochondral ribs
e. Tubercles of the ribs

26. A thin muscular and tendinous septum that separate the chest cavity above from the abdominal cavity below is?
a. Rectus sheath
b. Pericardium
c. Rectus abdominus
d. Diaphragm✅
e. Linea alba

27. A site where two or more bones come together, whether or not movement occurs between them is called?
a. Tendon
b. Ligament
c. Capsules
d. Joint✅
e. Bursa

28. A type of highly movable joint is?
a. Cartilaginous joint
b. Fibrous joint
c. Synovial joint✅
d. Ellipsoid joint
e. Synarthrosis

29. A long strap muscle that extends along the whole length of the anterior abdominal wall is?
a. External oblique
b. Internal oblique
c. Rectus abdominis✅
d. Pyramidalis
e. Linea alba

30. The suture of the vault of the skull and the inferior tibiofibular joints are examples of?
a. Cartilaginous joint
b. Fibrous joint✅
c. Synovial joint
d. Ellipsoid joint
e. Saddle joint

31. The rectus sheath is separated from its fellow on the opposite side by a fibrous band called
a. External oblique
b. Internal oblique
c. Rectus abdominis
d. Pyramidalis
e. Linea alba✅

32. The liver may be divided into a large right lobe and the small left lobe by the attachment of the peritoneum of the ligament is?
a. Falciform✅
b. Ligamentum teres
c. Ligament venosum
d. Porta hepatic
e. Caudate lobe

33. Muscle to bone attachment called
a. Tendon✅
b. Ligament
c. Capsule
d. Bursa
e. Fossa

34. A small shallow depression is known as
a. Fossa✅
b. Fovea
c. Tubercle
d. Tuberosity
e. Fissure

35. A narrow cleft or deep opening called
a. Fossa
b. Fovea
c. Tubercle✅
d. Tuberosity
e. Fissure

36. The muscular coat of the bladder is composed of smooth muscle and is arranged as three layers of interlacing bundles known as the
a. detrusor muscle ✅
b. cremaster muscle
c. intercostal muscles
d. trigone
e. visceral muscles

37. Two-layered folds of peritoneum that connect the stomach to another viscus IS?
a. Peritoneum
b. Omenta✅
c. Mesenteries
d. Mesocolon
e. Sigmoid mesocolon

38. The potential space between the parietal and visceral layers, which is in effect the inside space of the balloon is called the
a. Peritoneum
b. Omenta
c. Mesenteries
d. peritoneal space ✅
e. Pleural cavity

39. A soft mass of lymphatic tissue that occupies the left upper part of the abdomen between the stomach and the diaphragm is?
a. Pancreas
b. Liver
c. Gall bladder
d. Spleen✅
e. Kidney

40. First part of small intestine is?
a. Jejunum
b. Ileum
c. Duodenum✅
d. Cecum
e. Colon

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