Pyrimidalis is supplied by?
• 1st Cervical nerve
• 5th cervical nerve
• 6th thoracic nerve
• 12th thoracic nerve✔️

Which Fascia separate Transversus Muscle from internal organs?
• Fascia Transversalis✔️
• Endothoracic fascia
• Camper’s fascia
• Scarpa’s Fascia

Testicular Artery is a branch of _____?
• Aorta✔️
• Renal Artery
• Thoracic artery
• inferiorr vana cava

PSOAS and quadratus lumborum is supplied by?
• Thoracic Nerve
• Lumber plexus✔️
• Phrenic nerve
• None

The psoas is enclosed in a fibrous sheath that is derived from the ____ Fascia?
• Lumber Fascia✔️
• Scarpers Fascia
• Fascia Transversalis
• Endothoracic fascia

Cremasteric Fascia is derived from?
• External oblique
• Internal oblique✔️
• Transversus abdominis
• None

Upper end of the spermatic Cord is?
• Deep✔️
• Superficial
• Both
• None

Lower end of the spermatic cord is
1. Deep
2. Superficial✔️
3. Both
4. None

Costocervicle trunk is a brach of ______ artery?
• Thoracic Artery
• Subclavian Artery✔️
• Muscoluphrenic Artery
• Posterior thoracic Artery

Sperms are stored and nourished in____?
• Epididymis✔️
• Vasa deferens
• Urethra
• Semeniferous tubules

1.How Many opening does the diaphragm have?


B. 10

C. 4

D. 0


2 Thoracic Wall which one of the following?

Ribs Sternum    C. Costal Cartilage     D. All of these


3 Anterior Cutaneous branches give supply to:

Heart Diaphragm    C. Skin     D. None


4.Ribs are attached with sternum with the help of:

Pericardium B. Costal Cartilage C. Pleura   D. None


5.Which one is present in sternum?

Angel of louis B. Muscles C. Ventricle    D. Pleura


6.Lungs and Muscles are separated with each other by :

Parietal pleura B. Endothoracic fascia C. Myocardium   D. Visceral Pleura.


7.The base of thoracic wall is made by:

Lungs B. Heart C. Diaphragm      D. Esophagus


8.Posterior Diaphragm is attached with:

Vertebrae B. Heart C. Lungs     D. Liver

9.Hemazygous is a ____________vein as compare to azygous vein.

Anterior B. Posterior     C. Supine      D. None



10.Esophageal opening into the diaphragm is opposite :

T10 B. T8     C. T12     D. None


11.How many ribs are there in sternum?

5 B. 3 C. 2      D. 6


12.Costal Cartilage lies between :

Lungs and pleura B. Sternum and Ribs C. Heart and Diaphragm     D. None


Inferior Right crus of diaphragm is attached to:

T1 to T12 B. T5 to T7  C. L1 to L5    D. L1 to L3


14.Thoracic Vertebrae are:

10 B. 12 C. 5   D. 6


15.Laterally Diaphragm is attached with :

Apex of lungs B. Lower Ribs C. Heart      D. No attachment


16.Thoracic Cavity Contains :

Heart B. Lungs C. Both A and B     D. None


17.How many ribs are attached with xiphoid process?

1 B. 5 C. 7       D. No ribs attachment


18.Left dome of diaphragm is start from which border of 5th rib?

Lower border B. Upper border C. Anterior border    D. Heart


19.Medially which nerves supplied diaphragm?

Phrenic nerves B. Intercostal nerves C. Vagus nerves     D. None


20.Heart Outer layer is:

Endocardium B. Pericardium C. Myocardium     D. None


21.The Vascular supply to lungs are through.:

Mediastinum B. Hilum C. Heart    D. None


22.Trachea is _________ shaped.

U-shaped B. Triangular Shaped        C. Rectangular Shaped      D. None


23.Right lungs has __________ lobes.

10 B. 5 C. 2      D. 3


24.The arch of aorta lies to the _________ side of trachea.

Right B. Left C. Both       D. None


25.Lungs have ________ borders.

5 B. 2 C. 4     D. 3


26.Pleura lie on __________ side of Mediastinum.

Right B. Left C. Both sides       D. Upper sides


27.Trachea end below at :

Carina B. Diaphragm C. Thoracic outlet      D. Undefined


28.The upper two third of trachea is supplied by which artery?

Thoracic artery B. Bronchial artery C. Inferior thyroid artery      D. None


29.Trachea divides into _________ bronchus.

5 B. 6 C. 7      D. 2


30.The Closely attached layer to the lungs is :

Visceral Pleura B. Parietal Pleura C. Myocardium      D. Endocardium

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