61. ureters are layers.

a) 4 layers

b) 2 layers

c) 3 layers ✅

d) 5 layers

62. bladder is roughly —-shaped?

a) Apple

b) Pear ✅

c) Oval

d) Non of these

63.Female urether is approximately long

a) 4 cm✅

b) 5 cm

c) 6 cm

d) 3 cm

64. The skin superficial part are called____.

a. epidermis ✅

b. dermis

c. Both A and B

d. None of these

65. Heart are ________ long

a. 10 cm

b. 12 cm

c. 15 cm

d. both a and b ✅

66. The layer of skin composed of dense connective tissue

a. dermis

b. epidermis✅

c. Both A and B

d. none of these

67. ______ Large arteries supply to thoracic cavity

a. Ascending aorta

b. arch of aorta

c. both A and B✅

d. None of these

68. Veins are supply to thoracic artery

a. Superior vena cava

b. Azygous vein

c. Both A and B ✅

d. None of these

69. The female external ganitalia are consists of

a. Labia majors

b. vagina

c. hymen

d. Both A and C✅

70. The erectile tissue are part of female ganitalia organ

a. labia minors

b. hymen

c. critoris✅

d. none of these

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