51. Breast are suspended by

a. Lateral collateral ligament

b. Medial collateral ligament

c. cooper ligament ✅

d. None of these.

52. Uppre end joint Between ridus and ulna.

A. Distal radioulnar joint.

B. Middle radioulnar joint✅

C. Proximal radioulnar joint.

D.None of these.

53: Medullary canal cantain?

A. Yellow bone marrow✅.

B. Red bone marrow.

C. Both A and B.

D. None of these.

54. Irregular bone consists?

A. Vertebra bone.

B. Skull bone.

C. Both A and B✅.

D. None of these.

55. Outer Layer of bone?

A. Medullary canal.

B. Periosteum. ✅

C. Both and A and B.

D. None of these.

56. Outer layer of heart is called

a. Pericardium✅

b . Myocardium

c. Non of these

d. Endocardium

57. Compact bone makes up about…. Of the body bone.

A. 70%

B. 50%

C. 60%

D. 80% ✅

58. Haversion system consist?
A. One osteon

B. Half osteon

C. Both and A and B.

D. Large number osteons✅

59. Bone looks like a honey comb?

A. Compect bone.

B. Spongy bone✅.

C. Both and A and B.

D.None of these.

60. Heel of foot from by?

A. Talus bone.

B. Cancaneus bone.✅

C. Navicular bone.

D. Cubid bone.

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