31. Number of cervical vertebra.

A. 8 vertebra

b. 5 vertebra

c.12 vertebra

d.7 vertabra.✅

32.choice the correct statement about sternum bone.

a. Body xiphoid mannbrium.

b. xiphoid mannbrium body.

C. mannbrium body xiphoid✅

D .mannbrium xiphoid body.

33. Ribs are consist

a.7 pairs

b.10 pairs

c.8 pairs

d.12 pairs✅

34. True ribs are

a.First Seven pairs✅

b. first ten pairs

c. first nine pairs

d. none of these

35. Fit of head_________ glenvid cavity.

A. Femur bone.

B. Tibia bone.

C. Ridus bone.

D. Humorus bone. ✅

36. Choice the correct statement of carpal proximal row.

A. Lunate_Scaphoid_Triquetrum_pisiform.

B. Trapezium_trapezoid_capitate_hamate.


D. Triquetrum_lunate_pisifrom_scaphoid.

37. Tibia and fibula are articulated with…. at from ankle joint.

A. Three cuneiform bone.

B. Navicular.

C. Cuboid bone.

D. Talus bone.✅

38. Heel of foot from by?

A. Talus bone.

B. Cancaneus bone.✅

C. Navicular bone.

D. Cubid bone.

39. Tarsal bones are consist?

A. Five bone.

B. Eight bone.

C. Six bone.

D. Seven bone✅.

40. Movement in the synovial joints

a. Flexion

b. Abduction

c. Rotation

d. All of the Above✅

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