1. Kidneys from the level
a. 12th thoracic vertebrae of the 3rd lumber vertebrae ✅
b. 10th thoracic vertebrae of the 2nd lumber vertebrae
c. 11th thoracic vertebrae of the 4th lumber vertebrae
d. None of these

2. _______ is slightly lower than the left
a. Left kidney
b. Right kidney ✅
c. Both are equal
d. None of these

3. Kidney are long
a. About 12cm
b. About 11cm✅
c. About 13cm
d. None of these

4. Kidney are of weight about
a. 200g
b. 100g
c. 150g ✅
d. None of these

5. Outer layer of kidney are surrounded
a. Capsule ✅
b. Cortex
c. Medulla
d. None of these

6. Kidney is composed of about millions of functional units
a. 1-4 million nephron
b. 1-3 million nephron

7. Cup shaped of nephron is called
a. Glomerulus capsule
b. Bownman’s capsule
c. Both A and B ✅
d. None of these

8. Glomerular filtration rate is about
a. 115ml/minute
b. 130ml/minute
c. 125ml/minute ✅
d. None of these

9. Filtrate are formed each day by two kidneys
a. 200 litres
b. 150 litres
c. 100 litres
d. 180 litres✅

10. Ureters are long
a. About 20 to 30 cm
b. About 25 to 30 cm✅
c. About 35 to cm
d. None of these

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