1. Any vertical side to side plane at median plane is called
a. Sagittal plane✅
b. Transverse plane
c. Coronal plane
d. Median plane
e. None of above

2. The term applied to a sheath or band of fibrous connective tissues that lies beneath the skin or forms an investment for muscles and various organs of the body is
a. Rectus sheath
b. Linea alba
c. Hypodermis
d. Fascia✅
e. Ligament

3. The zone of active bone formation is called
a. Epiphysis
b. Diaphysis
c. Metaphysis✅
d. Medullary cavity
e. All of above

4. Serve to retain the long tendon passing in position preventing these tendons from springing out of place during muscle contraction is?
a. Aponeurosis ✅
b. Deep fascia
c. Superficial fascia
d. Retinacula
e. None of above

5. The matrix of bone is impregnated with whose salt which imparts hardness and rigidity to the tissue is
a. Calcium
b. Phosphate
c. Magnesium
d. Fibers
e. All of above✅

6. A thick fibrous membrane covering the surface of bone. It contains blood and lymphatic vessels & nerves called?
a. Endosteum
b. Periosteum
c. Perichondrium
d. Medullary cavity ✅
e. None of above

7. Which muscle titled as visceral muscles
a. Cardiac
b. Skeletal
c. Smooth✅
d. All of above
e. None of above

8. The cell membrane of a muscle fiber called
a. Sarcolemma✅
b. Sarcoplasm
c. Myofibrils
d. Sarcomere
e. None of above

9. The area of mucous membrane covering the internal surface of the base of the bladder is called
a. Detrusor muscle
b. Trigone✅
c. Mucosal layer
d. Apex
e. Base

10. A membranous tube and a mobile cartilaginous which starts in the neck as a continuation of the larynx at the lower border of the cricoid cartilage is?
a. Bronchus
b. Pharynx
c. Esophagus
d. Trachea✅
e. None of above

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